The Importance Of Touchscreen Solutions In Business

The Importance Of Touchscreen Solutions In Business

From our smartphones to ATMs to self-help kiosks in public spaces smart glass technology, we come across touchscreen-based devices in almost all aspects of our lives. Touchscreen solutions have gained widespread popularity mainly due to the benefits they provide. They have proved to be more versatile than traditional solutions and have quickly replaced their traditional counterparts. 

Today, several businesses turn to touchscreen solutions for various activities, from marketing to customer engagement. Let us take a look at why touchscreen solutions hold significant importance in today’s world. 

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The top benefits


  • Quick and easy updation


Consider a traditional map displaying directions at a shopping mall pdlc smart glass. Malls go through renovation work – some shops close, other stores relocate to a different section of the building and so on. In these cases, updating a traditional map is a time-consuming job. It also costs a lot to get new maps printed for all the floors, every time there is a change. 


In contrast, look at the touchscreen-based navigation kiosks that retailers have begun to set up in different sections of the mall. The code that displays the directions has to be updated once. The change will be reflected on all the digital kiosks on all the floors. Updation of data is now a simple maintenance task.



  • Build inclusive solutions


People with disabilities would love to move around independently. With touchscreen solutions in hospitals, malls and other places, they can navigate easily. Aged people with poor eyesight may increase the brightness or zoom the text for better visibility. Some touchscreen solutions also include voice-based outputs to help the blind. 


Consider a touchscreen-based self-service kiosk at an eatery. It displays all the menu items with their corresponding pictures and prices. People of all ages can order from the kiosk – even those who cannot read and use the pictures to order. 

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  • Configuration in multiple languages


Today, cities are growing into global hubs. As we move towards a cosmopolitan society, there is a need to offer services in multiple languages. If public spaces include digital navigation kiosks that provide information in multiple languages, it will help tourists move around independently. They would also feel more confident about travelling alone and not fear getting scammed by the locals. 



  • Easy maintenance


When data insertion, deletion, and updation is easy, it becomes easy to maintain the application. Touchscreen solutions occupy less space and energy. In most cases, they are flat screens that are fixed on walls. These solutions are lightweight and thin.

The final word

In some places, such as hospitals, touchscreen solutions help in offering a better user experience. If patients have an interesting screen to look that, they perceive to have had shorter waiting times. Also, while not serving their primary purpose, touchscreens can be used to display interesting information related to the niche where they are installed. 

In other cases, such as ATMs, the machine becomes less prone to wear and tear. A touchscreen ATM will last longer than a button-based machine. Thus, all industries can adopt touchscreen solutions and reap their benefits.  

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