Fire extinguisher is the first defense against fire. It holds a very important role in fire accident prevention. Every fire accident is initiated by small fire at the beginning.

Due to its importance, so it is crucial for everyone in the plant site to know about nine facts about fire extinguisher. By knowing those facts, it is hoped that people could improve their ways on how to manage the whole aspects of fire extinguishers.

All fire extinguishers are not same. Each type of fire can only be extinguished by certain type of fire extinguishers. Never think that all fire extinguisher equals.

Fire extinguisher is used for putting out or controlling small fire.

Fires are classified into the following classifications:

  1. Class A: burning lumber, paper, plastic, carbon, etc.
  2. Class B: includes fire from flammable or combustible liquids like kerosene, fuel oil, gasoline, organic solvents.
  3. Class C: involves fire that comes from energized electrical equipments such as electric heater, power tools, etc.
  4. Class D: involves combustible metals, like titanium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.
  5. Class K: involves kitchen fires

Typical fire extinguishers and their uses are:

  1. water extinguisher: for class A fire
  2. dry chemical extinguisher: for class ABC and class BC fires.
  3. Carbon dioxide extinguisher: for class B and C fires.
  4. metal/sand extinguisher: for class D fire
  5. water mist extinguisher: for class A fire with potential class C hazard
  6. Fire extinguisher should be located at the proper place in order to make it easy to reach and use.
  7. Marking for fire extinguisher location is very important to make it easy to recognize.

A monthly inspection is required to ensure its condition. More often inspection is required for severe environments. Inspection should include checking of inside pressure, nozzle, pin, tamper seal, dent, rust, leak, chemical deposits and weight.

  • Refill it immediately after use for full protection.
  • Replace immediately damage fire extinguishers.
  • A complete map of fire extinguisher, which informs fire extinguishers location in the plant site and office should be available and can be easily accessed by all person in your company.
  • Even though a clear instruction is already available on every fire extinguisher, but actual training will never be replaced. Training on how to use fire extinguisher is really important. And this program should be regularly scheduled for every person in the company.
  • We have only several seconds to stop fire from growing and cause big fire accident. This accident prevention could only be implemented by having reliable fire extinguisher and well-trained people who will operate the fire extinguisher. What we have to do is mastering all the above facts about fire extinguishers.

A Skin Tightening Facial Device Review
If you’re looking for a skin tightening facial device that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, then read
this review. In this article, we will look at the ReFa CARAT, the TriPollar Stop Vx, and the NEWA
skin care system hair removal device. Each of these facial devices is effective for different skin types and uses.
Listed below are some of the key features of each of these devices and how they work.

Buy Tightening In Device 5 Face Multifunctional Remove Wrinkle Machine RF  Beauty EMS Anti 1 Skin Aging T at affordable prices — free shipping, real  reviews with photos — Joom
The ReFa CARAT skin tightening and rejuvenating facial device has a unique design, which
emulates the fingers of a professional aesthetician. It has two rotating nodes 除毛器, which simulate the
deep kneading movements performed by an aesthetician. They also aid in blood circulation and
detoxification, which are all beneficial for skin health. The ReFa CARAT is an excellent option for
those who wish to enjoy smoother skin without spending a fortune on expensive cosmetic
TriPollar Stop Vx
The TriPollar Stop Vx skin tightness facial device combines two top-of-the-line technologies to
help you achieve salon-quality results at home. The device utilizes radio frequency to stimulate
the production of collagen and elastin while boosting facial muscle tone. It can also reduce the
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The TriPollar Stop Vx is an FDA-cleared device that
delivers salon-quality results without the expensive price tag.
Ya Man
The YA-MAN Beaute Bloom is a skin-tightening facial device that uses salon-standard Radio
Frequency technology. Its Boost RF program maximizes treatment efficacy. It automatically
controls the temperature of the device once it’s turned on, so you can use it anywhere. It has
three different modes of operation. The first mode, for example, is room temperature, which is
best for those concerned with facial wrinkles and fine lines.

Buy Face Lift Machine 5 in 1 R-F Face Skin Tightening Device High Frequency  EMS Skin Care Facial Machine for Wrinkle Remover and Anti Aging Online at  Low Prices in India -
NEWA Skin Care System
Newa is an FDA-cleared, at-home facial skin tightening device that delivers an instant lift. After
just a single session, your skin will appear firmer and plumper, and have an overall glow. As the
world’s first home RF device, NEWA delivers controlled energy deep into the skin, stimulating
the production of collagen. This non-invasive, easy-to-use device will give you younger-looking
skin in just eight minutes a day.
Velashape is a noninvasive skin tightening facial device. It is typically effective after three to four
treatments. This device does not require anesthesia, and there is little to no downtime, although
some people experience minor bruising. It is also suitable for all skin types and colors. The
procedure has a high success rate, with few reported side effects. Read on to learn more.…

The Importance Of Touchscreen Solutions In Business

From our smartphones to ATMs to self-help kiosks in public spaces smart glass technology, we come across touchscreen-based devices in almost all aspects of our lives. Touchscreen solutions have gained widespread popularity mainly due to the benefits they provide. They have proved to be more versatile than traditional solutions and have quickly replaced their traditional counterparts. 

Today, several businesses turn to touchscreen solutions for various activities, from marketing to customer engagement. Let us take a look at why touchscreen solutions hold significant importance in today’s world. 

Mad Systems provides post-COVID-19 contact-free technology | blooloop

The top benefits


  • Quick and easy updation


Consider a traditional map displaying directions at a shopping mall pdlc smart glass. Malls go through renovation work – some shops close, other stores relocate to a different section of the building and so on. In these cases, updating a traditional map is a time-consuming job. It also costs a lot to get new maps printed for all the floors, every time there is a change. 


In contrast, look at the touchscreen-based navigation kiosks that retailers have begun to set up in different sections of the mall. The code that displays the directions has to be updated once. The change will be reflected on all the digital kiosks on all the floors. Updation of data is now a simple maintenance task.



  • Build inclusive solutions


People with disabilities would love to move around independently. With touchscreen solutions in hospitals, malls and other places, they can navigate easily. Aged people with poor eyesight may increase the brightness or zoom the text for better visibility. Some touchscreen solutions also include voice-based outputs to help the blind. 


Consider a touchscreen-based self-service kiosk at an eatery. It displays all the menu items with their corresponding pictures and prices. People of all ages can order from the kiosk – even those who cannot read and use the pictures to order. 

How to Choose the Best Interactive Displays for Business? | AG Neovo Solutions



  • Configuration in multiple languages


Today, cities are growing into global hubs. As we move towards a cosmopolitan society, there is a need to offer services in multiple languages. If public spaces include digital navigation kiosks that provide information in multiple languages, it will help tourists move around independently. They would also feel more confident about travelling alone and not fear getting scammed by the locals. 



  • Easy maintenance


When data insertion, deletion, and updation is easy, it becomes easy to maintain the application. Touchscreen solutions occupy less space and energy. In most cases, they are flat screens that are fixed on walls. These solutions are lightweight and thin.

The final word

In some places, such as hospitals, touchscreen solutions help in offering a better user experience. If patients have an interesting screen to look that, they perceive to have had shorter waiting times. Also, while not serving their primary purpose, touchscreens can be used to display interesting information related to the niche where they are installed. 

In other cases, such as ATMs, the machine becomes less prone to wear and tear. A touchscreen ATM will last longer than a button-based machine. Thus, all industries can adopt touchscreen solutions and reap their benefits.  

Children love to have a baby doll to play with, and they want a baby doll stroller to push their toys and dolls around. It gives them a feeling of growing up, and they learn a sense of caring for another person. If your child is young, then a stroller gives them a sense of self-pride and independence. Baby doll stroller is a very popular toy in the market and very much in demand too.  Everything has changed in today’s market, and many new features have been added to the stroller. If you want to buy a stroller for your child, then a large variety is available in the market.


Why are baby strollers much needed for a baby?

Step2 Love & Care Doll Stroller - Best Educational Infant Toys stores  Singapore

Some of the doll strollers have seat belts and canopies, and others have storage bags and swiveling wheels. Some have bassinets and removable beds too. You can fold down easily with lots of storage, and some are fixed in place. This is available in lots of colors, giving you the option to get one in your favorite color. Every child wants a baby doll stroller, and its continuing popularity makes it a classic toy.

Online many shopping websites are dealing with this product apart from baby monitor reviews, and you can buy any one of them. Many of them look like they are designed for real kids. Rates and quality may vary according to the brand and website. Reviews and ratings can help you to know which one is better for your kid.


Picking the Right Baby Doll Stroller 

Today, there are loads of various forms and shades for Baby Doll Stroller. Thus, it would be best if you were exact enough while making a choice. You have to determine the buggy dependent on the size and state of the dolls. You should try not to purchase the buggy that your neighbor or companion has for their infant dolls because your dolls’ weight, size, and state may not be the same as your companion’s, and thus the requests will be unique. Along these lines, consider your child’s dolls and settle on the choice dependent on their weight and size, and shape. You have to pick tough materials with regards to pick the child doll carriages. Guarantee that it can withstand the weight and day by day maltreatments of your infant impeccably.


How Stylish Are You – When It Comes To Being A Mom? 

Is it true that you are, to a greater degree, a conventional mother, or the stylish one? Hard to state as numerous features are connected to being a mother; however, love will undoubtedly be there in each move you make and each look you provide for your child. In any case, while looking at it according to another perspective, you can promptly keep an eye out for the sort of extras that you can convey.

To put it appropriate for you, there are numerous sacks that you can pick from the online store, yet that assortment is gigantic to the point that picking and finding a single pack gets troublesome. You can learn more about tips and reviews online.

Smart Tech To Change The Way We View Retail Store Marketing

7 Predictions For Retail This Year

Smart technologies seem to be taking over the world. In no time all our current spaces will be replaced by smart space solutions. All our workplaces like smartglass Retail, offices, residence, corporates, buildings, and even digital spaces are going to use smart tech. The changes have already started, but only a few places are powered by smart-tech right now. But slowly but surely, it will completely replace our current habits. Our interaction with all these places is going to change, and most of us are ready and eager for it. One of the prominent changes will be seen in our retail shopping experience. It will also help in retail store marketing, which helps offline businesses.


Here are some of the ways it is going to affect our retail shopping experience:

  • Inventory Management
  • Advanced Logistics
  • Customer-Centricity
  • Commercial ductivity
  • Minimal Expenses


8 Examples of Successful Retail Store Layout design IdeasHow does it benefit the retail stores?

Retail stores can achieve higher productivity rates by applying various smart solutions. It can help in various aspects of store management. There are technologies that will help a store manager keep productivity records and track the sale and marketing growth. There are multimedia displays in retail stores that make marketing effective. A live display of all products with its varieties and other buying options will let the customer make an easier decision when buying a product. The scanners and barcode analysis will help in keeping inventory. As a result, it will also make the sales procedure easier in


There are concerns about the fact that smart technologies in retail stores will change everything that we follow today. It will need different training for the employees. It will also require a setup to facilitate these services. But that’s just the first step. By incorporating smart technology, you will see a change in the way people view shopping. Right now, it is just a process of necessity, but it can be enjoyable. When people will start enjoying the experience of retail shopping, they will choose it over online shopping. It collectively is a benefit for the whole retail offline shopping industry as a whole.


Influence of smart technology on the shopping experience:


Smart tech will incorporate various techniques that will make a customer’s shopping experience enjoyable. The multimedia display in retail stores and AI integrated shopping experience will lead to an immersive time. The time that a customer spends on shopping will be the time they value. Everyone is busy in their lives. When a customer spends their precious time checking out products, it is essential that they enjoy the time. When the experience is fun, they will be in good spirits for purchase. Things like projector screens for retail stores will make the customer involved in the process of choosing the product.


When a customer is satisfied with their store experience, they are likely to return to the store. In this way, the use of smart solutions in spaces like retail stores will only make it profitable for businesses and enjoyable for customers. This technology helps in growing the business and maintaining records and tracking sales and employee productivity. Overall smart tech will enhance and help retail store marketing.


New York has always remained to be a city of dreams. I am sure you must have seen a lot of people sporting the t-shirt event venue search, New York, I love you. It is not just a state of attention; people fall in love with the city. However, it is very busy and if you live there, you would hardly have time to roam around. New York City has something to offer to everyone. Being it black, white or brown, everyone is treated the same way by this incredible city. 

The New York City got hit by one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in the year 2001. It demolished the status symbol of NY City, the world trade center. There is some magic in this city and only the people who have been here actually know what we are talking about. If you ever want to visit this city of dreams, we will give a list of some places that you must consider. 

The top 5 best places to visit in New York:


  • Empire State Building:


If you ever visit New York, do not miss out on the Empire state building. It has been built with master artwork and designing. It is one of the best places to visit in New York. You can spot magnificent murals from the lobby of this place. It is a historic landmark for America and something that the citizens of US take pride in. It is open 365 days a year and very popular among couples. 


  • Statue of Liberty:


Statue of Liberty is a symbol of American freedom. This is the reason why it means a lot to the Americans. The official name of the statue is “Liberty Enlightening the world”. It can be accessed through ferries and offers a great spot for taking pictures and showing off to family and friends. 


  • Ellis Island Immigration Museum:


This is the island that served to be a gateway for millions of immigrants. This is a symbol of hope for the people who came to the US to start a whole new life. The records of the ancestors who made their journey through Ellis Island are kept in the museum. 


  • American Museum of Natural History:


This is another museum that US boasts. It has all sorts of historical elements that you always searched for, ranging from Dinosaur fossils to the theory of evolution. This museum was featured in the movie “a night at the museum”. Since then, the, museum experiences several foot falls in it. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in New York. 


  • Museum of Modern Art:


This museum is home to thousands of scriptures, paintings, films and designed objects. It displays all the elements of the historic world and the evolution from historic times to the modern era. A lot of important artwork by Pablo Picasso and others can be found out in the museum.

You can come across exciting travel agencies that are known to offer exciting packages to visit in New York. Check the website to know more about other travels!

How relevant is retail marketing?

Why does retail marketing matter? That consumers like goods very clearly. Your job as a retail marketer is to get your goods to your customers and to accomplish this objective. If you don’t wait for you to be noticed by the buyer. The drug is taken to the market. And in an intensely dynamic world where customers are able to pick about any commodity, they can find substitutes if you don’t sell the product effectively. Consumers tend to require multiple touchpoints with a brand and a clear comprehension of the value of the product before making a purchase. Retail promotion encourages you at various phases of the shopping process to communicate with customers at a number of rates, greentouch digital signage malaysia best interactive system for office. Everybody may be strongly affected by interventions at various points of communication in their perception, knowledge and judgment.

Using IoT to inform the next evolution of intelligent energy - Smart Cities World

duct categorization goods

Marketing and digital signage, such as point of sale, help customers find and purchase what they need. A customer may not really realize what the full range of goods and services relating to its need entails. Occasionally they are trying for a way to see if there’s one. Categorization of products helps to solve the issue and offers the best food choices to customers quickly.


Enhances working conditions

The increase of living conditions ensures that a range of products and services are made accessible to customers at a fair price. In addition to the significant role played by retail promotion, it has a important socio-economic position for individual retailers. Retail and therefore marketing in the world today is a powerful force, ranging from job opportunities provided by retail marketing managers and like positions, to the effect of the retail sector in general on GDP in the region. That is why retail marketing colleges exist.

You decide how the company is to be advertised. Innovation has opened up countless new chances to sell a company, and so the priorities and the right combination of platforms are crucial to consider.

That’s the conventional approach. Nonetheless, over time, supermarket tactics have developed into four compartments above and above the four Ps. When the four spokespeople concentrate on the commodity and on how to sell it, the four spokespeople approach focuses instead on customers.


Consider development

Here’s our advertisement, rather than one direction ads. Buy it because it’s fantastic marketing is about appealing to your customers and keeping the company loyal. Customer meetings will guide product creation and identity growth and are essential to a long-term marketing plan and importance of digital signage in retail marketing.

In addition, the implementation of a well-orchestrated retail marketing plan will help improve investment returns and attract more potential customers.

Yet once you have this approach, in reaction to globalization, new goods and innovations, consumption trends and more it is important that it evolve over time. Some of the world’s most popular and recognizable brands at smart display in retail/home/office.


Marketing online and wireless

Including improving the search engine website, automatic lost basketbook newsletters and using organic social media, sales adverts, affily businesses and digital marketing, the mixture of internet marketing strategies covers both of these.


Eye washer is one of the most important safety equipments in the workplace. In the area where chemicals are used, stored, loaded/unloaded and transported, eye washers are required since splash hazard potentially could happen. They can prevent eyes from getting injured due to chemical splash.

According to CDC (Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention) in year 2000 there were 300,000 work-related eye injuries in the United States. 70% of all eye injuries cases were mainly caused by contact with materials or objects. Chemicals or chemical products exposures were responsible for 14% from those cases.

Even though every worker who works with various kinds of chemicals has used eye goggles and or face shield, but there is still possible for the worker to get eye injury due to chemical exposures. And eye washer, in this case, helps the eyes from getting damaged, i.e. by diluting chemical that comes into it with plenty of water, before getting further medical treatment in hospital.

Things to Consider When Installing Eye Washers

There are several factors that you need to take into your consideration when you plan to install eye washers for the workplace. In general, the bigger the work area the more eye washers will be required. And the more complicated the work area the more eye washers need to be installed.

Read the following tips for better installation, operation and maintenance of eye washer in the workplace:

  1. Always refer to ANSI Z358-2009 as the main reference for eye washer general minimum performance and use requirements.
  2. Eye washers should be accessible within 10 seconds from a hazardous area, where corrosive chemicals present. However, please consider to make their location closer because injured person needs more time to get to the location of eye washer.
  3. The unit shall be able to be activated in one second or less and can continue supply flushing fluid to both eyes for at least 15 minutes.
  4. Dust cover has to be installed to prevent contamination.
  5. The location where eye washer is installed should be free form obstructions and at the same level with the hazardous area. Door is considered to be an obstruction.
  6. Each level of hazardous area requires one eye washer station.
  7. Make the eye washer easy to recognize. Install a safety sign to make it easy to be identified and visible. A map of eye washer station could be very helpful.
  8. ANSI requires that water supply for eye washer should be at 30-90 PSI.
  9. Shut off valve used for maintenance purpose should be prevented from being closed. Valve key or lock-out tag-out can be used for this purpose.
  10. Temperature of tepid water used for eye washer should be kept at 60-100oF or 16-38oC.
  11. Training is necessary to be provided for workers who are exposed to hazardous chemicals.
  12. A weekly maintenance and testing is compulsory as per ANSI requirement.
  13. Waste water from eye washer station should be treated properly according to applicable waste water regulation in your area.

In addition, some people may use eye washer station for other purposes suppose for washing hands. This seems to be no problem at all. But, please educate your workers not use eye washer for any other purpose except only for eye flushing. Can you image what will happen when one worker with eye injury needs eye washer while at the same time the eye washer is being used for other purposes?

Evaluation is also necessary to determine whether the existing eye washer stations are enough to cover all hazardous areas with chemical splash hazards.

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