Hot Work Permit Definition

Work permit is required to be completed before a work can be done. Work permit is made to ensure safe condition both for personnels and equipments. The same sense is also applied for a hot work.

According to, a hot work is any process that can be a source of ignition when flammable material is present or can be a fire hazard regardless of the presence of flammable material in the workplace.

Examples of hot work may include, but are not limited to, brazing, welding, soldering, cutting, thawing pipe and torch-applied roofing.

These hot works could present health and safety hazards in the workplace resulting from hot metal, fumes, sparks, toxic gases, radiant energy, high voltage electric and sometimes compressed gases used for the hot works.

Hot Work Definition

How work permit can be defined as a sequence of steps that must be completed before a hot work is allowed to be performed at a certain work area. In general, it consists of at least the following steps:

1. Get the hot work permit form.
2. Fill in the hot work permit form completely.
3. Meet all the safety requirement/precautions.
4. Sign the hot work permit form by authorized personnel.
5. Post the signed hot work permit form at the site.

A hot work permit form at least consists of person who does the work, date, site location, hot work location, work description, allowable working time, responsible person, fire watchers, equipment to be used, fire fighting equipment to be used at the location, precautions checklist and other precautions that are required to be taken.

It is advised to completely separate between hot work permit form and work permit form for general work. The main reason behind this is that hot work has already presented a source of ignition.

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