Taking Notes from T2 Plant Explosion

t2-plant-explosionA runaway reaction that caused explosion at T2 plant on 19 December 2007 had caused four persons died. Cooling pipe blockage or failed valve probably caused the temperature and pressure inside the batch reactor to become uncontrolled and the relief system could not work to save the system.

I am very interested to what Robert Hall, CSB investigation supervisor, said about T2 plant accident as reported by tce recently. It directly deals with how hazard identification or HAZOP study holds a vital role in recognizing uncontrolled reaction risk since process designing phase.

Robert Hall, who supervised CSB’s investigation, says that T2 did not appear to sufficiently understand its own processes and its inherent dangers. “Despite a number of near-misses during earlier production efforts, T2 failed to recognise the underlying runaway reaction hazard associated with its manufacturing process,” he says.”
“… good practice in the design of chemical reactions would have ensured that detailed studies were undertaken at the research stage to identify the potential for an exothermic reaction, and a runaway, under a range of upset conditions, including a temperature rise above the normal operating level. Once this was identified a HAZOP of the reactor should have identified the potential failure of the cooling water system, a not unexpected event.”

Failure to recognize hazards will make us failed to provide proper safety measures. It means that we are waiting for that uncontrolled hazard to become an accident.

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