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Important Notes Taken From DuPont Gas Leak

methyl chloride leakDuPont recently reported the causes of methyl chloride leak from the phosgene unit in last January at its West Virginia chemical plant, which caused one worker died. Phosgene is a hazardous chemical used for manufacturing of pesticide and plastic that can damage the respiratory system.

According to DuPont report that was published in, the causes of the gas leak were aging hoses, corrosion and pressure build up in the line. Combination of these factors had caused hoses failed to function properly. (more…)

OSHA Fact Sheet on Combustible Dust Hazard Controls

combustible-dust-explosionCombustible dust hazard control is the key to prevent combustible dust deflagration and explosion. Combustible dust hazard control includes dust control, ignition (heat) source control, operation control and workplace or space control. Proper controls can prevent dust explosion.

Once the initial dust explosion occurs, the secondary explosion seems likely to take place. The secondary explosion can be far more destructive than the primary explosion due to the increased concentration of combustible dust in the surrounding air. (more…)

A Brief Introduction to Combustible Dust Explosion

In the previous post, I have posted about Chemical Safety Board report on explosion at Imperial Sugar Company, USA. Combustible dust sugar was related to that accident. Then, what does a dust explosion mean actually? According to wikipedia, a dust explosion is the combustion of a particle(s) of dust suspended in the air in an enclosed location, resulting in overpressure, thermal radiation, and ensuing projectiles.

From the basic point of view, a fire can only exist whenever an oxidant (oxygen), a combustible material and a source of ignition come together. The three components are famously called by the fire triangle. Meanwhile, in the case of dust explosion, it requires not only the fire triangle components but also combustible dust material must be in an enclosed space or confined space and suspended in the air at the certain concentration.  (more…)

Chemical Plant Explosion

This accident video shows a chemical plant explosion at Lodi chemical plant. Such explosion was real and this event has to become the main reason why safety should always be in the first priority. Safety cost is nothing when it is compared with the explosion impacts. Do we care enough to workplace safety?


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