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9 Important Facts about Fire Extinguisher You Should Know

Fire extinguisher is the first defense against fire. It holds a very important role in fire accident prevention. Every fire accident is initiated by small fire at the beginning.

Due to its importance, so it is crucial for everyone in the plant site to know about nine facts about fire extinguisher. By knowing those facts, it is hoped that people could improve their ways on how to manage the whole aspects of fire extinguishers.


Introduction to Fire Extinguishers Selection

choosing-fire-extinguishersPortable fire extinguisher is the first line defense against small fire. We can easily recognize its appearance while we walk through the plant site or building inside it. But the question is “Can those fire extinguishers put out any type of fire?”

Of course they can’t. Fire extinguisher can only be used for type of fire as described on its label. Never use the extinguisher for any fire other than what are described on the label. (more…)

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