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Storage Tank Cleaning Safety

Storage tank cleaning safety is the most important aspect that needs to be considered deeply before doing tank cleaning work. This applies for all storage tanks. In addition, special consideration should be given for tank that is used for storing highly flammable and toxic chemicals.

The following tank cleaning safety tips will help you preventing work accident because of doing this work. Please read those tips carefully and improve your preparation when you find that you have left something.

But, my very first recommendation is to read MSDS or material safety data sheet of chemical contained in the storage tank. Make sure that you have understood precisely about all aspect associated with that chemical. (more…)

A Simple Tip for Avoiding Accidental Valve Operation


ball valve

There are many drain valves around the plant site. These valves can be installed at equipments or pipe lines. Generally, they are operated only at certain conditions such as for draining condensate and depressurized equipment or piping line. In this case, we talk about ball valve with valve handle type as shown by the image on left.

However, these drain valves may be operated accidentally, hit by plant operators or misoperation, which potentially creating an emergency situation. As an example, if the drained material is highly flammable liquid. (more…)

Short Tips on Flammable Liquid Spillage Prevention


A tank drain

This story was appeared while we were being audited by a fire insurance company. Here is summary of the finding.

Sealing on pipe ends such as tank drain by installing plugs, caps, blind plates could prevent large spillage. This is especially important for tank that holds highly flammable liquid.” (more…)

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