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Plant Turn Around Safety Tips

Plant Turn Around or yearly maintenance is a very big event, where almost all equipments will be opened for overhaul. This is the time when a ton of works are carried out at the same time based on a planned schedule, with a large numbers of workers. In this occasion, a group of people from third party also work in your plant site.

There are many types of works and operations carried out at that time. Chemical cleaning, welding, brushing, confined space works, tank clean up, piping modification, work at elevated height, leak test, hydrostatic pressure test, catalyst discharging, catalyst burning operation, and many more. All of those works contains potential risks. If it is not treated properly, then it will result work accidents.

In this case, safety aspect should be treated properly in order to prevent work accidents. Because a lot of works are carried out at the same time, naturally each work will link which each other. So it is very important to make sure safety aspect of each work and not to become hazards source for other works. (more…)

How to Write Accident Report for Chemical Plant

A Quick Guide to How To Write Accident Report for Chemical Plant

by Lukman Nulhakiem

Writing accident report is performed after the accident investigation process finished. An industrial accident report should be able to answer key information related to the accident: who, what, where, when, why and how the accident happened. Besides, it should also recommend preventive actions to stop the accident from recurrence.  

Accident investigation will determine the root cause of the accident that happen in chemical plant site. And this information should be included in the accident report and it states clearly failure that leaded to the accident.

The person in charge, who is assigned to do the accident investigation, is generally the same person who makes the accident report plant. To perform such important report, he or she has to be trained well about accident investigation procedure and reporting. Then, the accident report will be transferred for management review. (more…)

Employee Safety Training – Top 11 Helpful Checklists

Employee safety training must be the first training topic that is received by every new employee who will work in the plant site prior to receive other training programs. The company is responsible to provide such safety training.

As safety officer or person in charge for the safety matters in your company, you will need to provide an effective employee safety training. Effective training program is required to ensure not only workers’ safety, but also company’s assets and helps company achieving its targets and objectives.

The checklist below will help you in obtaining a better and more effective employee safety training within your organization. This checklist will give you a comprehensive overview. Use them as your basic tool and see what they can do to help you. (more…)

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