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Storage Tank Cleaning Safety

Storage tank cleaning safety is the most important aspect that needs to be considered deeply before doing tank cleaning work. This applies for all storage tanks. In addition, special consideration should be given for tank that is used for storing highly flammable and toxic chemicals.

The following tank cleaning safety tips will help you preventing work accident because of doing this work. Please read those tips carefully and improve your preparation when you find that you have left something.

But, my very first recommendation is to read MSDS or material safety data sheet of chemical contained in the storage tank. Make sure that you have understood precisely about all aspect associated with that chemical. (more…)

Chemical Plant Accidents in July 2009

I read at least 16 accidents news story in July, where most of the plant accidents were fire accidents. The other reasons were chemical leakage, construction accident and falling accident. Here is the list:

Chemical Fire during the Process of Tank Cleaning

Evacuation after Toxic Ethyl Acrylate Fumes Released

Electrical Short Caused Fire at Chemical Plant

Plant Leaked, Released Strong Ammonia Smell

Flash Fire Caused One Man Died

Flash Fire Occurred at a Chemical Unloading Area, One Man Dead

Hexane Fumes Caused One Man Died

Falling Accident at Industrial Area, One Man Died

Construction Accident in Tennessee, 2 Workers Crushed

Chlorine Gas Leaked Forced Water Filtration Plant Shut Down

Wet Concrete Spilled on top of Workers at a Construction Site

Ammonia Leak from a Chemical Plant Caused a Woman Died

Chloro-benzene Explosion Killed 7 Workers in China

A Pressurized 55-gallon Drum of Cleaner Exploded

2 Workers Injured When Glycerin-Sulfuric Acid Mix Sparked Blast

Steam Cracker Exploded during Shut Down Process

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