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Learn From OSHA Plant Inspection Results

A few days ago, another company has been cited for safety and health violations after being inspected by OSHA that started in August 2009. The company is C&W Industries in Union Springs, Alabama, which provides material handling systems.

According to, there were some safety and health violations that were found during OSHA inspection. These violations caused the company to be cited for $59,250 of penalties. (more…)

Learn From High-Pressure Refrigerant Accident

t2-plant-explosionLast June 20, 2009, a maintenance worker was killed when a high-pressure refrigerant line ruptured and four other employees were injured, at a poultry processing plant in Lumberton, U.S ( The refrigerant was ammonia. The Department of Labor then found some safety violations that lead to the accident.

At least 20 serious safety violations were found. These findings made the states to fine the company by penalties of $73,325. (more…)

Chemical Plant Accident Record in September 2009

plant-accident-recordBelow here is some accidents news that I read in September 2009. It is my strong intention to post about this to provide you with real safety problems and then you could extract some important points from these news in order to improve your workplace safety.

18 Dead Caused by Chemical Unloading Explosion in China

Chemical Fire at Fuel Storage Facility in US (more…)

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