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A Must Have List of Safety Inspection Checklist

Safety inspection is a regular safety job that is purposed to ensure that equipments, tools, work conditions, work area, plant facilities and so on have already met minimum safety requirements. It is carried out in order to detect any safety deficiencies as early as possible so that accident can be avoided.

Successful safety inspection requires reliable tool that’s a checklist. Safety inspection checklist lists up inspection items that need to be conformed. Such checklist is main reference for safety inspection job. With it, safety inspection will obtain consistent results.

Generally, safety inspection checklist can be obtained from equipment manuals, operation manuals, safety standards, expert advises and experiences. Ideally, you have all the required checklists. However, some of you may not know what kinds of safety inspection checklists are required in your plant site.


How Do You Manage Your Workplace Safety Checklist?

workplace-safety-auditYou may manage various workplace safety checklist that are regularly used in your company. It can be safety audit checklist, forklift safety checklist, truck safety checklist, fire extinguisher inspection checklist, safety training checklist, plant safety inspection checklist and many more.

All these workplace safety checklists are created to make your jobs easy and ensure there is no something left. Due to its critical role in safety system, better management of workplace safety checklist is necessary. (more…)

Chemical Storage Tanks – Safety Tips

chemical-storage-tankThe explosion on chemical storage tank at Packaging Corporation of America, Tomahawk, Wisconsin, on July 29, 2008, which killed three people, has shown how chemical storage tanks could put hazard into reality.

The above accident did not represent the entire potential hazards associated with the presence of chemical storage tanks in a chemical plant. In addition, the condition become worst when chemical stored in the chemical tanks are flammable, combustible, corrosive or even toxic.

Because chemical storage tanks present in all chemical plants, improvement of their safety is very important. That’s why this article is written. (more…)

Truck Safety Checklist – The Operation Guide

truck safetyHazardous chemical transport requires more attentions to achieve safest condition. One factor that directly effect to it is truck safety. Truck that carries such chemical has to be checked completely before leaving plant site.

That’s why a truck safety checklist is very essential in ensuring chemical transport safety. Truck safety checklist will guide the checking process before deciding that a truck is ready to be used for carrying hazardous chemicals.

The truck safety checklists below are examples and can be downloaded to your computer. You can use these truck safety checklists as references, if you have not had your own checklist. (more…)

List of Safety Precautions for Shutdown Activities of Chemical Plants

safety precautions for shutdown activities of chemical plantsThere are two kinds of chemical plant shut down, i.e. planned shutdown and emergency or unplanned shutdown. An example of planned shutdown is as preparation for Turn Around or yearly preventive maintenance programs. Emergency plant shutdown can be triggered by many factors, such like electric power failure, machinery failure, instrumentation trouble and many more.

In both shutdown cases, there are safety precautions for shutdown activities of chemical plants that need to be taken into account. Such safety precautions are required to prevent potential hazards that commonly appear during plant shut down.

In fact, many people may underestimate chemical plant safety in shutdown condition. Of course there may no pumps running, no reactions occur or production process. But various potential hazards such as over pressure, fire and explosion still exist, which could present real danger to the plant and people inside it. (more…)

Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls in The Workplace

slips-trips-fallsAccording to American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) journal article “Slips, Trips & Falls in Construction & Mining: Causes & Controls”, there are for factors that contribute to slips, trips and falls hazards in the workplace. They are workers, machines/equipments, works environment and management.

In addition, OSHA has released the top 10 safety violations for 2009 that placed scaffolding, fall protection and ladder in the list. They are directly connected to sources of slips, trips and falls hazards. (more…)

Safety Inspection Checklists

safety-inspection-checklistPlant safety inspection is purposed to examine all parts of the workplaces, as I mentioned in my previous post, plant safety inspections. This time I would like to show you an example of plant safety inspection checklist. This checklist is a guidance that you will require when performing a plant safety inspection at the plant site.

This safety inspection checklist may not be fully matched with your system, due to uniqueness of your plant. However, there may be some questions that will suit the plant. It is expandable in order to meet your system requirement as closely as possible.

Answer the questions below. Mark it with YES or NO. All questions shall be answered, no exception. (more…)

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