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Top 5 Benefits You Will Get from Doing Consistent Safety Patrol

Getting updated information about safety in the plant as early as possible is very essential. Most people will rely on site operators’ report to get the updated safety information, because they think that operators go to plant site regularly to check plant operation. It is not bad and no body will blame you if you do this too.

However, doing the same thing in a long period will make your awareness getting decreased. You are doing the job just with instinct. You will feel nothing different since every day you do that job with the same procedure and route.

Then, do you still expect more from this condition? Of course you have options to change how they take operation data from site and doing site patrol at the same time. But, it takes time and you will get huge difference if you ask someone who are rarely doing regular job for that. It is you. (more…)

Chemical Plant Accident in October 2009

chemical-plant-accident-statisticIt is my strong intention to always present chemical plant accident stories in order to give you more inputs for safety improvements. I believe that many similar accidents had happened recurrently. But most of us do not aware about this.

According to OSHA report regarding top 10 workplace safety violations for 2009, violation number increases by 30% compared with last year data.

Read the story below carefully. Take important notes from these stories. And improve your safety system accordingly. (more…)

Manufacturing Plant Safety Continuous Improvements

manufacturing-safety-improvementEvery chemical manufacturing plant needs to improve its safety continuously; otherwise potential hazards will present real danger. But most people don’t know where to start. There is no idea come into their mind.

The list below may give you an idea when it is the time to start plant safety continuous improvement project. Think simple and start with a small improvement project is better. If you have some improvement ideas, arrange them based on their priorities. (more…)

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