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Storage Tank Cleaning Safety

Storage tank cleaning safety is the most important aspect that needs to be considered deeply before doing tank cleaning work. This applies for all storage tanks. In addition, special consideration should be given for tank that is used for storing highly flammable and toxic chemicals.

The following tank cleaning safety tips will help you preventing work accident because of doing this work. Please read those tips carefully and improve your preparation when you find that you have left something.

But, my very first recommendation is to read MSDS or material safety data sheet of chemical contained in the storage tank. Make sure that you have understood precisely about all aspect associated with that chemical. (more…)

Plant Turn Around Safety Tips

Plant Turn Around or yearly maintenance is a very big event, where almost all equipments will be opened for overhaul. This is the time when a ton of works are carried out at the same time based on a planned schedule, with a large numbers of workers. In this occasion, a group of people from third party also work in your plant site.

There are many types of works and operations carried out at that time. Chemical cleaning, welding, brushing, confined space works, tank clean up, piping modification, work at elevated height, leak test, hydrostatic pressure test, catalyst discharging, catalyst burning operation, and many more. All of those works contains potential risks. If it is not treated properly, then it will result work accidents.

In this case, safety aspect should be treated properly in order to prevent work accidents. Because a lot of works are carried out at the same time, naturally each work will link which each other. So it is very important to make sure safety aspect of each work and not to become hazards source for other works. (more…)

Delivering Safety Messages through Safety Hard Hat Stickers

Many workers put hard hat stickers that show off what they like such as their names, badge numbers, their favorite football player or unique images. But, only few of them who apply safety hard hat stickers. Employers can instruct their workers to apply safety hard hat stickers in order to deliver safety messages.



There are many custom safety hard hat stickers that you can select to deliver a certain safety message. The hard hat stickers are best to deliver safety message or topic related to each worker’s workplace condition.

As an example, if workers work closely with flammable gas or liquid, you can warn them about fire hazard and what they have to avoid. Or you can simply use flammable material hazard symbol. (more…)

Potential Hazards in Chemical Industries

The Most Common Potential Hazards in Chemical Industries

By Lukman Nulhakiem

 If we talk about potential hazards in chemical industries, there will be long discussion about that matter. Although one chemical plant has similar nature with one another, but each plant comes with its unique hazards.

potential hazards in chemical industriesIn this article, I will write about potential hazards in chemical industries in general which is in turn it can be used as inputs for preparing hazard identification work for your own plant site. This is very important mainly for companies which have not determined hazards list within their plant sites yet.

As a reminder, I recommend you to read my previous article about hazard identification study as well as hazard control methods if you have never experienced in making hazard list for your plant. (more…)

Typical Personal Protective Equipments Used in Chemical Plants

personal-protective-equipmentIn this article we will talk about personal protective equipment (PPE) used in chemical plants. Each chemical plant, job or work process may require different personal protective equipments, but we will talk about it in general.

According to OSHA, personal protective equipments are devices designed to protect employees from serious workplace injuries or illnesses resulting from contact with chemical, radiological, physical, electrical, mechanical, and other workplace hazards. Meanwhile, in terms of hazard control methods, usage of personal protective equipment is the last hazard control. (more…)

Hazards in Laboratory

laboratory-hazards As I mentioned in the previous post, hazards identification or recognition is the keyword to successful hazards control in laboratory. A list of laboratory hazards is provided below here. Again the list is only for brainstorming. Later you should complete the list based on your own laboratory survey results.

In general, these hazards are classified into two broad categories, i.e. physical and chemical hazards. (more…)

Accidents in Confined Spaces: Oxygen Deficiency

In this video, we will see an accident in confined space at Valero Refinery, Delaware, USA, in November 2005. This accident caused two workers died.

Nitrogen purging is a procedure required when equipment containing flammable material will be opened. It means that after nitrogen purging or nitrogen substitution oxygen concentration inside the equipment will be very low, as well as area around the confined space opening. And that made this accident happened. (more…)

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