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13 Tips for Company’s Safety Legal Compliance

Having list of safety legal requirements and other requirements is not enough in order to ensure that your company will always comply. There are several factors that needs to be considered appropriately to keep your company complies with all applicable safety legal requirements and other requirements.

Updating the list of safety legal requirements and other requirement is very essential in the stand point of company’s compliance.

The following tips will help you improving safety legal requirement and other requirements identification and evaluation. Ultimately, you will be able to make sure that your company will always comply with those requirements.

Project Document: Contractor Safety Manual

construction safety manualsContractor safety manual is one of the main project provisions. It is the main reference for every contractor and it should always be available at least one copy at project site. And you, as project owner, have to ensure its availability during the project execution.

A contractor safety manual or construction safety manual shall be able to provide such information as safety guidance for all project works, potential hazards at site, hazard control methods, hazard communication, responsibility level, personal protective equipment, fire protection, fall protection, ladder safety, scaffolding, work assignment procedure, safety permits, etc. (more…)

Construction Safety Program Examples

This is a short post about construction safety program. In this post, you can find two examples of construction safety programs which can be used as case studies.

Construction works come with various hazards. Falls, slips, hit by object, fire and explosion are some common hazards associated with construction works. Due to its high potential hazards, reliable hazard controls are required to prevent worker from injuries, ill health and death, as well as facility damage. (more…)

Introduction to UN Hazard Codes

chemical-hazards-listUN has established hazard codes for hazardous substances. The codes are classified into 9 classes, where certain classes are divided into some sub-classes.

Hazard coding is given based on hazard characteristic of each substance. It is very important to know these hazard codes in case of hazard controls.

Here are these 9 hazard codes established by UN. (more…)

Cram Roofing Records Zero OSHA Violation

Cram Roofing, one of San Antonio’s largest full services commercial roofing companies, has received safety award from The U.S Department of Navy in conjunction with its achievement for zero OSHA safety violation at the job site recently. (more…)

OSHA Top 10 Workplace Safety Violations for 2009

safety-violationsIn the National Safety Council annual congress and expo, OSHA has revealed the preliminary top 10 most-frequent workplace safety violations for 2009, as published by prnewswire recently. It is very interesting to attend to this report.

It was reported that an increasing of 30% of workplace safety violations, compared with the same time period in 2008. Let’s see the most-frequent top 10 workplace safety violations.  (more…)

Eye Safety Video

According to US Department of Labor, each month 30,500 eye injuries occurred in workplaces. Actually, 90% of these eye injuries could be prevented by wearing proper eye protectors (safety glasses). Neither sun glasses nor eye glasses could protect the eyes, even it can severe eye injuries due to broken glasses.

Eye injuries may be caused by chemicals, sparks, small particles and etc. Wear only standard safety glasses, such as safety glasses with ANSI Z87 code marked on it. Don’t forget to choose eye safety glasses with side shield.

To learn more about eye protection, watch the following eye safety video. The eye safety video can also be downloaded to your computer and make it for your future reference. You can do it here.

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