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What You Need to Know About Eye Washer

Why Eye Washers Important

Eye washer is one of the most important safety equipments in the workplace. In the area where chemicals are used, stored, loaded/unloaded and transported, eye washers are required since splash hazard potentially could happen. They can prevent eyes from getting injured due to chemical splash.

According to CDC (Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention) in year 2000 there were 300,000 work-related eye injuries in the United States. 70% of all eye injuries cases were mainly caused by contact with materials or objects. Chemicals or chemical products exposures were responsible for 14% from those cases. (more…)

11 Basic Facts That You Should Know About Rupture Disk

Rupture disk is one of important safety devices that are commonly found inside chemical plant. Rupture disk or bursting disk is installed to protect system, pressure vessel or equipment from over pressure and or damaging vacuum condition. It is a non-reclosing pressure relief device, according to ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1, 1988 edition.

Over pressure or extremely vacuum condition can cause catastrophic failure and death. So, rupture disk holds an important role to protect plant facility and workers’ safety.

Due to its undoubtedly vital function, it is very important to understand the basic fact about rupture disk. Keep reading this article to know the 11 basic facts that you should know about. (more…)

15 Reasons Why Chemical Plant Safety is Important?

why-safety-importantchemical plant potentially suffering from illness, injuries even death.

In fact, chemical plants are full of potential hazards and could cause accidents and disasters if they are not treated properly. Hazards may come from hazardous chemicals, electrical, high temperature, high pressure, unsafe acts and conditions, work at elevated area, etc. Hence, safety in a chemical plant holds an important role.

There may be hundreds of reason why safety in chemical plant is vitally important. And the list below is only a part of them. Indeed, I intend to remind about importance of safety and why we have to make safety become the first consideration in mind.

  1. Safety protects workers, employers and all people in the plant including strangers from illness, injuries or death.
  2. Ensuring survival of company’s business.
  3. It prevents company’s property and facility from damage.
  4. It enhances company’s reputation.
  5. It teaches people in the plant how to work safely.
  6. It helps company to achieve its targets and objective.
  7. Keeping company away from law suits and penalties.
  8. It keeps workers to feel comport, happy and safe.
  9. Company will be avoided from unnecessary cost.
  10. It keeps workers awareness alive.
  11. Safety teaches everyone in the plant to pay attention to their workplaces and surrounding.
  12. It keeps customer’s confidence to do business with the company.
  13. Safety program is a cost-effective decision for the company.
  14. Safety is able to reduce employee’s turn over and increase productivity.
  15. Safety can prevent production process interruption and shut down.

I do understand that the list is too short to show you how important safety is. Your feedback and comment will add value to the list. Please leave them in the comment form and I am willing to revise the list accordingly.It is no doubt that workers who are working in

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