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Most Noticeable Lab Safety Equipment

Lab safety equipment is an integrated part of the whole safety system equipments in every chemical plant. Lab safety equipment is provided in order to avoid lab accidents, reduce hazard (chemical, physical and biological) exposure and etc.

lab-safetyVarious analytical works are carried out in laboratory everyday, which involve the use many hazardous chemicals or hazmat. As the consequences, many potential hazards are possible to happen in the laboratory, such as chemical spills, worker exposure to toxic gases, explosion, fire and electric shock.

So that’s why lab safety equipment plays an important role in accident prevention inside the laboratory. It can save workers from death and injuries, and keep your accident statistic remain zero.

Then, what types of lab safety equipment do you have to provide? Here is the list. (more…)

Chemical Spill Kits

Chemical spill kits are a collection of tools and materials that are required for taking countermeasures on chemical spills. They should be readily available whenever chemical spills happen, in order to eliminate and or reduce hazards associated with the spills.

Selection of chemical spill kits should be made based on nature of spilled chemicals (hazardous level), spill volume and location of the spills. Nature of the chemicals should always be referred to their MSDS.

The spill kits must be compatible with the spilled chemicals. For example, absorbent material used for absorbing acid must not react with the acid. Use only acid spill kit, otherwise it could generate additional hazard that increases the danger level of the spills. (more…)

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