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Chemical Safety Labels – Overview

Chemical safety labels are parts of hazard controls against hazardous chemicals. Correct chemical safety labeling is fundamental factor to workplace safety. Besides, it is also required by legal.


Chemical safety labels inform potential hazards posed by hazardous chemicals, as well as other important information such as first aid procedure and emergency procedure. Their applications on hazardous chemical containers are very practical on how to use the products safely.

Potential hazards contained in a specific hazardous chemical may in form of physical and health hazards. Physical hazards could be combustible liquid, explosive, compressed gases, flammable, oxidizer, organic peroxide, water reactive and unstable or reactive. Health hazards of hazardous chemical could be carcinogenic (cancer-causing), irritant, corrosive, sensitizer, acutely toxic, chronically toxic, reproductive toxin, hepatotoxins, nephatoxins, neurotoxins, substances that damage the skin, eyes, mucous membranes or lungs, and substances that work on the circulatory system.

Failure to provide correct chemical safety labels or chemical hazard labels can cause injuries, ill health, death, fire and explosion. As an example, when a worker is mixing two chemicals or more without clear labels, could create toxic gases or even explosion. (more…)

How to Find Information in MSDS in Minutes

how-to-read-msdsMSDS or Material Safety Data Sheet is a form of hazard controls. It is devoted to control chemical-related hazards. MSDS is classified into administrative control in hazard control hierarchy. Each hazardous chemical shall be completed with its MSDS.

MSDS is divided into several sections. MSDS contents may differ slightly from one organization to another organization. But they must contain the same basic information. They include hazardous chemical ingredients, health effect, exposure limit, physical and chemical properties and special control methods.

To find out information we require in MSDS, refer to the following section for quick reference. (more…)

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