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A Sure Way To Safety On Hot Work: Flammable Gas Test

Three weeks ago, I read news about US Chemical Safety Board (CSB) guidelines on the prevention of explosion. These guidelines are aim to prevent explosion related to any hot work, which has caused many workers in the US died.

CSB developed these hot work guidelines after investigating 60 deaths in industrial explosion in the past 20 years in the US.

Let’s take a look at the explosion at a Packaging Corporation of America Plant in Tomahawk in 2008, (more…)

Learn From OSHA Plant Inspection Results

A few days ago, another company has been cited for safety and health violations after being inspected by OSHA that started in August 2009. The company is C&W Industries in Union Springs, Alabama, which provides material handling systems.

According to, there were some safety and health violations that were found during OSHA inspection. These violations caused the company to be cited for $59,250 of penalties. (more…)

Static Spark and Non-Conductive Flammable Liquid

A plant accident video that was released by U.S Chemical Safety Board shows how static spark could cause fire explosion involving non-conductive flammable liquid. This video shows you that it is very important to understand property of handled flammable liquid, install inert gas purging system and prevent appearance of static electric spark in the flammable liquid tank. This accident occurred at Barton Solvents facilities in Valley Center, Kansas, on July 17, 2007. (more…)

Training Video for Compressed Air Cylinder

You may have read about my previous post about Safety Tips on Compressed Gas Cylinders, now you will get more information about compressed air cylinder training. This training video talks about compressed oxygen and liquefied natural gas.

You will be informed at least about safety in storage, fire prevention, and so on. (more…)

Welding On Flammable Liquid Tank

Grinding, Brazing and welding are sources of ignition and spark. Adequate fire safety precautions have to be given when a work that involves them will be conducted.

The video below will show you what will happen when inadequate fire precautions are not given to a hot work. Take notes from this video, and then improve your current work permit system to avoid similar accident. (more…)

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