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9 Important Facts about Fire Extinguisher You Should Know

Fire extinguisher is the first defense against fire. It holds a very important role in fire accident prevention. Every fire accident is initiated by small fire at the beginning.

Due to its importance, so it is crucial for everyone in the plant site to know about nine facts about fire extinguisher. By knowing those facts, it is hoped that people could improve their ways on how to manage the whole aspects of fire extinguishers.


Fire Extinguisher Testing – Hydrostatic Pressure Interval Standard

fire-extinguisher-hydrostatic-intervalDespite its essential function as the first defense against fire, fire extinguisher potentially contains some hazards that can be harmful to workers’ safety. It holds high pressure extinguisher media. Any problem in cylinder strength could expose high pressure to the workers.

Failure in fire extinguisher cylinder strength can be caused by corrosion, burnt in fire or any other reasons. In order to evaluate the cylinder strength against unwanted failure, it becomes so important to do fire extinguisher hydrostatic pressure testing periodically according to the standard. (more…)

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