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Plant Turn Around Safety Tips

Plant Turn Around or yearly maintenance is a very big event, where almost all equipments will be opened for overhaul. This is the time when a ton of works are carried out at the same time based on a planned schedule, with a large numbers of workers. In this occasion, a group of people from third party also work in your plant site.

There are many types of works and operations carried out at that time. Chemical cleaning, welding, brushing, confined space works, tank clean up, piping modification, work at elevated height, leak test, hydrostatic pressure test, catalyst discharging, catalyst burning operation, and many more. All of those works contains potential risks. If it is not treated properly, then it will result work accidents.

In this case, safety aspect should be treated properly in order to prevent work accidents. Because a lot of works are carried out at the same time, naturally each work will link which each other. So it is very important to make sure safety aspect of each work and not to become hazards source for other works. (more…)

What Types of Construction Safety Equipment Should You Prepare?

Preparing appropriate types and enough quantity of construction safety equipment are ones of the important steps you have to do to ensure safety during construction work inside your workplace area or chemical plant.

construction-safety-equipmentsYou may rely on your daily safety equipments to fulfill the requirement of construction safety equipments. But, it is not enough. Take a moment to think about it. Construction work is much different with your daily plant operation. You will need different types of safety equipment.

Fail to fulfill the appropriate construction safety equipment will endanger the safety of your construction workers, employees and plant facilities. (more…)

Fire Extinguisher Recall

You may have heard about this news: Kidde XL fire extinguisher recall last March 2009. According to the news, about 167,000 units of Kidde XL fire extinguishers was recalled, which include model number FX340SC, FX340H, FX340GW, XL5MR, FX210R, FX340SC-2, FX210W, XL2.5TCZ-4, E-340-3 and with manufacture dates between October 2007 and April 2008.

The reasons behind this fire extinguisher recall were due to the pressurized cylinders could lose pressure and fail to operate. If these extinguishers lost their pressure and failed to operate, they could put the users and their properties at risk of fire.

When you have a regular checking period for the fire extinguishers, you will know that problem earlier and soon you could take appropriate countermeasures for that problem. In addition, by doing regular check or maintenance, you could determine whether your extinguishers are in good condition or not. (more…)

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