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9 Important Facts about Fire Extinguisher You Should Know

Fire extinguisher is the first defense against fire. It holds a very important role in fire accident prevention. Every fire accident is initiated by small fire at the beginning.

Due to its importance, so it is crucial for everyone in the plant site to know about nine facts about fire extinguisher. By knowing those facts, it is hoped that people could improve their ways on how to manage the whole aspects of fire extinguishers.


Chemical Safety Labels – Overview

Chemical safety labels are parts of hazard controls against hazardous chemicals. Correct chemical safety labeling is fundamental factor to workplace safety. Besides, it is also required by legal.


Chemical safety labels inform potential hazards posed by hazardous chemicals, as well as other important information such as first aid procedure and emergency procedure. Their applications on hazardous chemical containers are very practical on how to use the products safely.

Potential hazards contained in a specific hazardous chemical may in form of physical and health hazards. Physical hazards could be combustible liquid, explosive, compressed gases, flammable, oxidizer, organic peroxide, water reactive and unstable or reactive. Health hazards of hazardous chemical could be carcinogenic (cancer-causing), irritant, corrosive, sensitizer, acutely toxic, chronically toxic, reproductive toxin, hepatotoxins, nephatoxins, neurotoxins, substances that damage the skin, eyes, mucous membranes or lungs, and substances that work on the circulatory system.

Failure to provide correct chemical safety labels or chemical hazard labels can cause injuries, ill health, death, fire and explosion. As an example, when a worker is mixing two chemicals or more without clear labels, could create toxic gases or even explosion. (more…)

Simple Design of Power Cable Rack Removes Flammable Liquid Hazard

combustible-material-on-power-cableI took this picture when I was walking through the plant site for safety patrol. The picture shows lubrication oil dropped on compressor’s power cable. Then, what’s wrong with this picture?

Lubrication oil is a combustible liquid, and inside power cable is electricity, a source of ignition, spark and heat. Imagine if the lubrication oil is a flammable process fluid and power cable leaks. Image if the process liquid is not compatible with power cable material, then what will happen? (more…)

20 Checklists on Flammable Liquids Storage and Containers

flammable-liquid-containerFlammable liquids in the plant site can increase fire hazard potential, whether they are in small or big quantity. There are various flammable liquids in the plant site, for instance gasoline, solvents, paints and thinners. We can easily recognize them through their flammable hazard sign.

As a reminder, I will illustrate briefly about flammable liquid definition and classification. Please refer to the summary below when you need to determine flammable liquid. (more…)

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