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Most Noticeable Lab Safety Equipment

Lab safety equipment is an integrated part of the whole safety system equipments in every chemical plant. Lab safety equipment is provided in order to avoid lab accidents, reduce hazard (chemical, physical and biological) exposure and etc.

lab-safetyVarious analytical works are carried out in laboratory everyday, which involve the use many hazardous chemicals or hazmat. As the consequences, many potential hazards are possible to happen in the laboratory, such as chemical spills, worker exposure to toxic gases, explosion, fire and electric shock.

So that’s why lab safety equipment plays an important role in accident prevention inside the laboratory. It can save workers from death and injuries, and keep your accident statistic remain zero.

Then, what types of lab safety equipment do you have to provide? Here is the list. (more…)

Factors to Consider When Designing Chemical Storage Building

Chemical storage building is used to store hazardous materials (hazmat) and designed from metal building structures. It is safe, inexpensive and environment friendly.

chemical-storage-buildingsChemical storage building is not purposed only for safety but also environment. It plays a vital role in chemical industries, where various hazmat is stored.

There are several factors to consider when you design chemical storage buildings. You need to specify clearly these factors in detail so that the manufacturer could supply chemical storage building that fits with your requirements. (more…)

Important Notes Taken From DuPont Gas Leak

methyl chloride leakDuPont recently reported the causes of methyl chloride leak from the phosgene unit in last January at its West Virginia chemical plant, which caused one worker died. Phosgene is a hazardous chemical used for manufacturing of pesticide and plastic that can damage the respiratory system.

According to DuPont report that was published in, the causes of the gas leak were aging hoses, corrosion and pressure build up in the line. Combination of these factors had caused hoses failed to function properly. (more…)

Taking Notes From Middletown Power Plant Explosion

Middletown power plant exploded on last 7 February, when natural gas vent operation was being done. The accident caused at least 6 people died and several others injured. Several similar accidents had also occurred in the past.

In the Middletown power plant explosion, there were some important notes that we could take whenever we do similar operation. Chemical Safety Board said Middletown explosion was due to lack of safety measures. (more…)

Chemical Plant Accident Statistic in December 2009

In December 2009, I noted a chemical plant accident in China, which caused 3 people died. The accident occurred when workers were handling carbon black.

Another accident that grabbed my attention was toxic gas leak (hydrogen sulfide, H2S) that caused 1 engineer died at Thai Rayon Public Co. Limited, Thailand.

To read more accidents that happened in December 2009, please click the following links. (more…)

Remembering Union Carbide Bhopal Toxic Gas Tragedy

It has passed 25 years since Bhopal gas tragedy happened. Methyl isocyanate was released into the air and caused thousands of people died in Bhopal, India. Bhopal gas tragedy is one of the most serious chemical plant accidents in this century. (more…)

Typical Personal Protective Equipments Used in Chemical Plants

personal-protective-equipmentIn this article we will talk about personal protective equipment (PPE) used in chemical plants. Each chemical plant, job or work process may require different personal protective equipments, but we will talk about it in general.

According to OSHA, personal protective equipments are devices designed to protect employees from serious workplace injuries or illnesses resulting from contact with chemical, radiological, physical, electrical, mechanical, and other workplace hazards. Meanwhile, in terms of hazard control methods, usage of personal protective equipment is the last hazard control. (more…)

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