Remembering Union Carbide Bhopal Toxic Gas Tragedy

It has passed 25 years since Bhopal gas tragedy happened. Methyl isocyanate was released into the air and caused thousands of people died in Bhopal, India. Bhopal gas tragedy is one of the most serious chemical plant accidents in this century.

According to, Bhopal toxic gas tragedy was triggered by several factors. The main factor was the usage of hazardous chemical, i.e. methyl isocyanate, as the replacement for less hazardous chemical. This replacement was made in order to decrease production cost. I think we will say it was exactly wrong to take this step because in contrary it made the hazard level increased. You may remember in the previous post I already mentioned that our efforts should always follow hazard control hierarchy.

In this post I will also show you Bhopal gas tragedy video. I hope it could awake our attention to the importance of safety, not only for the workers and the plant, but also for the public live surrounding the plant.


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