3 Questions You Should Always Ask About Chemical Safety Labels in Your Workplace

As I wrote in my previous post about chemical safety labels, chemical safety labels hold a very vital role in controlling hazards associated with hazardous chemical storage, packaging, handling and usage. They provide important chemical hazard information, required precautions and emergency actions when an incident involving that chemical occurs.

chemical-hazard-labelsDue its vital position, it is very important to always ensure these chemical safety labels meet safety standards and the applications are consistent to all hazardous chemicals in all type of packaging inside your chemical plant area.

In order to ensure that all the chemical safety labels you use had matched the basic safety standards, there are three basic questions you should always ask all over the time. These questions will serve like a checklist, so that you will always be reminded.

1. Do all of the hazardous chemicals have appropriate chemical safety labels on their respective containers? Never receive chemicals were delivered without proper safety labels or damaged safety labels. Improve them as soon as possible whenever you find damage or missing chemical safety labels in your storage area. Apply appropriate chemical safety labels only.

2. Do you store chemicals without safety labels? If the case is like this, do not try to use them at all! Separate them! Do not judge them from their packaging because someone might have replaced that packaging.

3. Do workers understand the chemical safety information contained in the labels? Train your workers how to read these labels properly.

Whenever you get unsatisfied answers with these questions, take corrective actions immediately. Otherwise, workers are potentially exposed to these chemical hazards.

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