Workplace Safety Tips: Learn From Violation of Health and Safety Regulation

A few days ago, OSHA released a citation report for Trachte Southeast LLC. The report mentioned 21 violations of OSHA’s health and safety regulation. All the 21 health and safety violations caused penalties totally US$85,140.

Trachte Southeast LLC is prefabricated and pre-assembled steel buildings manufacturer, which its factory located in Eastanollee, Georgia, US.

This case is a good example for learning safety and improving health and safety condition in workplaces. And today we will learn from that citation report and take chance for improvement.

And here are the 15 of 21 violations of OSHA’s health and safety regulation that occurred at the plant site of Trachte Southeast LLC.

1. Exposing workers to explosion, fire and electrical hazards.

2. There were emergency exists in the plant site that were blocked.

3. Compressed gas cylinders were improperly secured and potentially knocked over.

4. Production machine guard or protection did not fully protect workers from pulling into the machine and exposing to cutting hazard.

5. Failed to conduct noise monitoring evaluations.

6. Not implementing hearing testing program.

7. Exposing workers to chemical hazards.

8. Failed to minimize stock of flammable liquid placed near the spraying operations.

9. Storing oxygen beside acetylene and propane cylinders.

10. Not providing MSDS for chemicals used in the plant site.

11. Not implementing an effective respiratory protection program.

12. Not having injuries and illnesses records as stated in OSHA 300 log.

13. Failed to provide fire extinguisher readily accessible.

14. Failed to ensure that electrical equipments were used properly.

15. OSHA found missing ground pins on electrical cords.

Read all the above safety violations and do not stop there. Check your workplace health and safety conditions and take action immediately if you find one of the above safety violations. It is not only a matter of penalty; it is about protecting workers from hazards.

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