Taking Notes From Middletown Power Plant Explosion

Middletown power plant exploded on last 7 February, when natural gas vent operation was being done. The accident caused at least 6 people died and several others injured. Several similar accidents had also occurred in the past.

In the Middletown power plant explosion, there were some important notes that we could take whenever we do similar operation. Chemical Safety Board said Middletown explosion was due to lack of safety measures.

I have taken several notes that I think important in relation with safety in chemical plant in general. I took that notes from a news site newstimes.com, even though it was not a final investigation results from Chemical Safety Board. But, I hope we could learn many things from this power plant accident.

  1. Natural gas, which is flammable gas, was used for piping line flushing (clean up) in the power plant accident.
  2. Natural gas venting was done while at the same time other jobs/operations were being performed and near other work sites.
  3. Ignition sources were present when the natural gas blowing operation was being done.
  4. Natural gas was vented freely into the air and in huge amount (approximately 400.000 standard cubic feet gas).
  5. Kleen Energy power plant did not use safer alternatives other than natural gas for blowing operation, such as nitrogen or water.

These notes should be considered whenever we try to do same operation using natural gas or other flammable gases in the plant site.

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