Safety Tips on Compressed Gas Cylinders

compressed-gas-cylinders-safetyCompressed gas cylinders have to be handled properly. Otherwise, associated hazards such as fall, fire, explosion or hazardous gas leakage may happen. That’s why a safety guide on compressed gas cylinders handling is vitally important.

Here are some safety tips on how to handle gas cylinders safely:

  • Compressed gas cylinder should be kept in a special room, fenced and locked.
  • Authorized and trained workers can only have access to the gas cylinders room.
  • Protect gas cylinder against mechanical damage, by using appropriate racks or other means to hold them securely.
  • When the gas cylinder is not used, valve caps should always be in place.
  • To move the gas cylinders manually use sturdy hand trucks, which can hold one or two gas cylinders.
  • Do not handle gas cylinder with electromagnets, ropes or slings.
  • Put appropriate label and symbol on the cylinders, which describes content and pressure.
  • Do not allow cylinders to direct sunshine or expose to high temperature (>52degC).
  • Keep flame away from contact with cylinder surface.
  • Keep flammable materials away from the cylinders.
  • Use suitable piping, valves, fittings and others apparatus for the contained gas and pressure.
  • Make sure we have provided valves, regulators and safety relief devices.
  • Always open cylinder valve slowly to wide-open position.
  • Maintain gas cylinder and its accessories in good condition.
  • Never use defective safety relief device and leaked cylinder. Mark it and separate from the good ones.
  • Separate and mark empty gas cylinders from the stock.
  • Do not accept gas cylinders without clear gas name and good gas cylinder condition.
  • Calculate exactly your compressed gas consumption. It is unsafe to store many compressed gas cylinders for 1 year consumption.

Compressed gas cylinder is a typical source of hazards found in chemical plants. So take it into account when we will do hazard identification task. And the above safety tips are forms of hazard controls.

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