How To Find Out Workplace Safety Tips

Many safety experts suggest workplace safety tips for better work conditions in the plant site. However, many workers and employers do not realize that in the manufacturer manual books there are many important safety tips they have to do actually.

The safety tips inside the manufacturers manual book is very essential because the manufacturers know well about the equipments they supply. They have determined special safety precautions that users should pay attention to.

Generally, in manufacturer manual books of machineries and equipments are described special guidance on installation, operation, troubleshooting and maintenance. You can also find some pages inside the manufacturer manual books ‘warning points’, which mention things that users must avoid.

Safety tips can be easily extracted from the manual book. Just look at the table of contents. You will find common many other topics besides the special guidance as mentioned above, such as MSDS of chemicals used for the equipment or machine.

In some cases, the MSDS is hard to be found at the other places, for example from the internet. It is because the manufacturer uses specialty chemical. Thus, we need to file the MSDS along with other MSDS for reference.

Another thing that we have to pay attention to is ‘caution’. Many cautions are commonly inserted into the manual as special warning message in order to enhance operator’s extra attention.

The best way to treat workplace safety tips taken from the manual books is making these safety tips can be easily recognized by the workers who deal with the equipment. Make them in good filing system and don’t forget to include them as material for employee safety training.

Before doing maintenance work on that machinery or equipment, deliver these workplace safety tips through safety talk or with a little extra creativity you can print the tips in form of safety signs.

Okay, it is the time to practice. Identify all machineries and special equipments with each manual book in the plant site. Then, summarize the contents and turn them into short, concise and easy to understand workplace safety tips.

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