Spare Sometime for Evaluating The Effectiveness of Your Current Safety Slogans

safety_slogansYou have placed safety slogans around your plant site and workplaces. Your main concern is to promote safety and enhance workers awareness against safety. You want to make the workers always think safety prior to do any activity in the plant site.

Many of you may have read my previous article about 40 Free Safety Slogans for the Workplaces. However, do you measure and evaluate the effectiveness of safety slogans that you have used in your workplace in regular basis? Are they effective enough to make workers always aware about safety?

Evaluation is very important. It follows Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. There are many things we should consider when applying safety slogans in the plant site. Such items like word selection, colors, size of printing, location selection and supporting images, should be done carefully in order to create communicable and effective safety slogans.

Effectiveness evaluation does not mean replacing the current safety slogans with fresh ones. But, they can be in the form of rotating among them. The main purpose is how to achieve better result.

From now on, always spare sometime for evaluating the effectiveness of your safety slogans. They may not the best slogans but we always have many chances to improve them.

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