Safety Slogans for Cleaning

A Quick Guide to Safety Slogans for Cleaning

by Lukman Nulhakiem

A swing shift operator slipped on floor and got injured. Two hours before that incident, a day shift operator leaved oil spill on the floor. It caused the floor became oily. This is just a simple example which shows us why keeping the cleaning is very vital for slogans keep cleaning

Keeping workplace cleaning can be achieved through different actions. We can include keep cleaning into working procedures or standard operating procedures. It is usually included at the end of the working procedures.

Another option is to remind workers the importance of cleaning and enhance their awareness by utilizing safety slogans for cleaning at the workplace. 

Your company may have placed safety slogans for cleaning around the chemical plant and workplaces inside it, in order to notice workers about the importance of cleaning. What do these safety slogans for cleaning say?

Like other safety slogans in general, safety slogans for cleaning should also be able to introduce the workers about benefits of keep cleaning and negative effects of not doing it.

Consider location where we will put on the safety slogans for cleaning. The best location is of course where workers eyes will naturally see the safety slogans. Or place them on a location where workers are ‘forced’ to see.

If you are looking for safety slogans for cleaning, the examples below will give ideas. Remember that all safety slogans will not be suitable for all workplaces. Put only safety slogans for cleaning that are appropriate for specific workplaces. Our intention is making them work.

Work safely; leave your workplace in clean condition.
Cleaning is the first step to safety.
Keep cleaning. It is the cheapest way to work safely.
Find Spill? Clean up immediately!
Cleaning and safety can not be separated.
A safer workplace is a cleaner workplace.
Dirty and untidy are unsafe conditions.
Make your workplace safe by keeping the cleaning.
Cleaning can make your job safe.

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