The Most Common Hazard Signs in Chemical Plant

If you are going to enter your first assignment in chemical plant as engineers or operators, you will find many hazard signs with different backgrounds, borders, colors and additional information. Besides, these hazard signs have different purposes actually.

Hazard signs, also sometimes called by hazardous signs, are applied to warn workers about hazards of materials, locations or conditions. The numbers and types of hazard warning signs will different from one chemical plant to another because each plant is unique.

However, there are common hazard signs used in chemical plant. Generally, their uses are regulated by legal and standards. Each country may also have their own regulations related to the hazard signs.

Below are examples of hazard signs and hazard warning signs according to European Chemical Bureau.

hazard warning signs

The use of hazard warning signs is very essential because it could communicate clearly and quickly about hazard of material, location and condition. So, if you find that your plant lacks of hazard signs, then you have to plan for applying these hazard signs.

To find out hazard signs reference you can visit them from safety signs page.

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