Hydro Testing Signage: Reminds Workers About High Pressure Testing Hazard

Hydrostatic pressure test or hydro testing is a hazardous operation. It has to be treated properly to prevent worker from injury and equipment damage due to high pressure hazard. The risk of hydro testing inclines as the equipment to be tested is used equipment, which had has long lifetime.

There many high pressure hazard control methods available. One of them is hydro testing signage. Hydro testing signage helps workers to always aware about the hazard of hydro testing. When hydro testing signage is used properly, it could prevent workers from injury or equipment damage.

Examples of Hydro Testing Signage

When you are looking for hydro testing signage, you will have many choices for that. However, essentially hydro testing signage you will use should be able to express the hazard of high pressure operation.

Here are some hydro testing signage examples to give you some ideas.

Beware, hydro test in progress!

High pressure testing, do not enter!

Caution! Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Danger! Do not enter, hydro test in progress!

Danger! High Pressure

Danger! High Pressure Testing in Progress


Things to be Considered

Applying hydro testing signage should be done carefully. You should consider some factors that will affect to the effectiveness. They are location, word selection, eye catching color and size. However, do not ignore standard safety sign for the hydro testing signage.

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