Applicable Health & Safety Regulations: Identifications, Updates & Compliance

health-safety-regulationsHealth and safety regulations directly affect the implementation of safety in an organization. They play as the main reference for any safety management system implementation. By knowing well about them, we will exactly know our regulations responsibilities.

The inputs

To identify which health and safety regulations are applicable, there are some typical inputs we should take into account. According to OHSAS 18002:2000, such typical inputs include:

  1. Details of company’s production processes.
  2. Hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control results.
  3. Codes.
  4. Industry guidelines.
  5. Regulations requirements.
  6. Government regulations.
  7. Standards (national, foreign, regional or international).
  8. Internal organizational requirements.
  9. Requirements of interested parties.

From these inputs, adopt which regulations and requirements are applicable. Make a table which contains summarized content, states to which department or area they are applied and mentions the person in charge. Afterwards distribute the table to relevant personnel to get adequate attention and keep their awareness.

Update continuously

Safety regulations updates are necessary in order to absorb amendment and to adopt new regulations that are recently released. Update regularly otherwise the compliance status will be violated.

To ensure continuous updates, establish and keep a procedure that guides how to identify and update the applicable regulations and other requirements. It can be kept in different media like print out, CD, disk or internet.

Comply or not comply

Once the applicable regulations have been summarized, check company’s compliance status. Evaluate to which regulations it complies or has not complied. Do it regularly, at the same time with updating period or independently.

Give adequate attention to the regulations that the company has not complied yet. Set it as your monthly objective and target. Then, evaluate its monthly achievement.

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