Forklift Safety Program – Downloadable Examples

forklift-safety-trainingAs one of common lifting tools used in chemical plant, forklift requires special safety program in order to make sure that the forklift operators operate the forklift safely without endangering other workers and plant facility, as well as the chemicals or goods they are lifting.

Forklift safety program is a must. It should be prepared if forklifts are used in your workplace area. Forklift safety program provides clear instructions on forklift operation and safety, including its maintenance.

Relying forklift safety only on your forklift operators’ skills and general safety guidance will not enough. You need to provide forklift safety program. In this post, you will see some examples of forklift safety program, which can be downloaded and used as reference when you need to set up your own forklift safety program.

In your forklift safety program at least you should include safety policy, driver qualifications, operator training, refresher training, forklift pre-checklist, maintenance procedure, operational driving procedures, maintaining control, the forklift operators, forklift operation, fueling, and everything related to forklift operation in your workplace area.

Here are the examples of forklift safety program as I mentioned above. Just right click the link and click save link as.

Finally, I hope this short post could help you in providing reference for setting up your own forklift safety program.




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