15 Ideas for Workplace Safety Posters

Workplace safety posters can make a big difference. They can prevent an accident at work to occur. Many people can be prevented from doing unsafe actions after seeing such text and graphical messages.

safety-postersWorkplace safety posters are effective ways to remind people about potential hazards at workplace. They can deliver safety message effectively through text and graphical posters. And the good news is that you have full control on designing workplace safety posters for your workplaces.

However, you may have problem in creating workplace safety posters. There is no idea that comes into your mind. That’s no problem. In this post, I’d like share 15 ideas for workplace safety posters. So, keep reading this article to brainstorm idea.

1. Warning against potential hazards. Create specific workplace safety posters for each work area because it has different potential hazards.

2. Recommend safety tips. Short, effective and interested tips could be used to recommend specific safety tips.

3. The use of personal protective equipments.

4. Remind workers to always follow SOP.

5. Dangers of doing something carelessly.

6. Show statistical data. Accident and incident data will become a good reminder.

7. Safety permits issuance process.

8. Announcement of health and safety regulations.

9. Show the results of neglecting safety rules.

10. Do’s and don’ts with forklifts.

11. Ladder safety.

12. Welding safety and combustible gas checking.

13. Electrical safety.

14. Manual lifting safety.

15. How to handle chemical safely.

If you still can not find topic for your own workplace safety posters after reading those 15 topics above, don’t worry. You can visit the website below to look around for workplace safety posters examples.

safety poster

Be creative; make your workplace safety posters as interested as possible to grab workers’ attention. Make them can be easily noticeable and communicative. So, you can deliver your safety messages effectively.

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