Truck Safety Checklist – The Operation Guide

truck safetyHazardous chemical transport requires more attentions to achieve safest condition. One factor that directly effect to it is truck safety. Truck that carries such chemical has to be checked completely before leaving plant site.

That’s why a truck safety checklist is very essential in ensuring chemical transport safety. Truck safety checklist will guide the checking process before deciding that a truck is ready to be used for carrying hazardous chemicals.

The truck safety checklists below are examples and can be downloaded to your computer. You can use these truck safety checklists as references, if you have not had your own checklist.

Truck Safety Inspection Checklist – US Department of Transportation

Truck Check List – EPA

Of course you should include into the above safety checklist checking items that are related to hazardous chemical safety, such as hazard symbols, chemical spill equipment and personal protective equipments.

In addition, the truck safety checklist should be part of your hazardous chemical delivery procedure in your organization.

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