Top 5 Benefits You Will Get from Doing Consistent Safety Patrol

Getting updated information about safety in the plant as early as possible is very essential. Most people will rely on site operators’ report to get the updated safety information, because they think that operators go to plant site regularly to check plant operation. It is not bad and no body will blame you if you do this too.

However, doing the same thing in a long period will make your awareness getting decreased. You are doing the job just with instinct. You will feel nothing different since every day you do that job with the same procedure and route.

Then, do you still expect more from this condition? Of course you have options to change how they take operation data from site and doing site patrol at the same time. But, it takes time and you will get huge difference if you ask someone who are rarely doing regular job for that. It is you.

According to my experiences, doing site patrol gives me more chance to get updated safety information and generate more idea for safety improvement. And the most important thing is many unsafe condition and potential risk I could find and prevent them from coming into reality.

Benefits of Doing Consistent Safety Patrol

I do not know how you manage your plant safety. Generally speaking, this may apply to your site too. Despite of having regular operators monitoring plant operation at every certain hour, safety officers will patrol all the plant site in order to identify as early as possible any safety deficiency and take necessary actions.

If you are not safety officer then you also have big chance to have contribution to the plant safety by doing consistent safety patrol. Suppose you are a production member. You can do that job every day by spending 30 to 60 minutes a day. It is more than enough.

You will see that it is very helpful when you are able to do consistent safety patrol. Here are some benefits you will get if you can spare some of your time for doing safety patrol:

  1. You will able to recognize unsafe condition earlier. You will be able to avoid that condition becomes accident by eliminating that unsafe condition. And you will find that this condition may have happened for a long time but operators do not recognize it till you find it!
  2. Many safety improvement ideas will come to your head while you are doing safety patrol. Do not believe this till you do safety patrol. That’s happened on me.
  3. You will know how operators do their daily job whether they do it according to SOP or not. They ignore safety rules or not. You will never know if you do not do this.
  4. You will also know that you have not provided SOP for some jobs even though these jobs have high risk.
  5. You will also find that there are many small leakages from piping or equipments and any other equipment problems, which may be ignored by operators because they see that condition every day. You could save money only by doing this without any investment.

In Conclusion

Doing consistent safety patrol will give you many benefits. The basic principle is do that job differently with the operators usually do. Survey all area in the plant site by having your own schedule and spare some time for doing this consistently. Finally, you will see that you can give more contribution to plant safety by doing safety patrol.

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