Safety Inspection Checklists

safety-inspection-checklistPlant safety inspection is purposed to examine all parts of the workplaces, as I mentioned in my previous post, plant safety inspections. This time I would like to show you an example of plant safety inspection checklist. This checklist is a guidance that you will require when performing a plant safety inspection at the plant site.

This safety inspection checklist may not be fully matched with your system, due to uniqueness of your plant. However, there may be some questions that will suit the plant. It is expandable in order to meet your system requirement as closely as possible.

Answer the questions below. Mark it with YES or NO. All questions shall be answered, no exception.

Safety Inspection Checklists

a. Asbestos

Are any areas containing asbestos identified, marked and an up-to-date record kept?
Is all material containing asbestos in good condition and monitored?
Has the risk exposure to asbestos dust and fiber been assessed?
Have the contractors been notified about asbestos hazards and area of operation that allowable for asbestos?
Is there any plan to remove asbestos from the workplaces?

b. Chemicals Safety

Are appropriate labels and hazard warnings applied on all chemicals containers?
Are Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) available for all chemicals used in the plant site?
Are these MSDS up-to-date?
Are these chemicals placed separately in the warehouse?
Is emergency procedure (spillage, splash, poisoning) available and easy to read?
Is chemical handling training provided for the workers?

c. House Keeping

Are workplaces cleaned up regularly?
Is the person in charge who is responsible for house keeping clearly determined?

d. Gas Cylinders Safety

Are gas cylinders placed in a special room, fenced and locked?
Are gas cylinders properly labeled?
Are empty gas cylinders separated from new ones?
Are gas cylinders protected from falling and mechanical damage?
Please refer to my previous post about Safety Tips on Compressed Gas Cylinders, to complete this gas cylinder checklist.

e. Electrical Safety

Are electrical equipments, fittings and tools in the plant site regularly checked and maintained?
Is access to the high voltage electrical equipments restricted to authorized persons only?
Are electrical safety signs and warnings available and easy to read?
Are power panels, controls, receptacles and wiring covered?
Is power cable rack condition good?
Are power tools properly grounded?
Is temporary lighting installed securely?

f. Lighting

Are lighting for every workplace and workstation enough according to the regulation and working requirements?
Is lighting regularly checked and monitored and the record kept?
Is emergency lighting available and reliable?

g. Machinery

Is preventive maintenance of machinery regularly carried out?
Are machine guards properly installed and maintained?
Have the workers been trained about machinery operation and maintenance?
Are there enough safety signs around these machines?
Are safety equipments installed on the machinery and function properly?

h. Pressure vessels

Is all the pressure vessels periodically checked and monitored?
Are appropriate pressure and temperature gauges installed on it?
Are normal operating pressure and temperature ranges indicated on the gauges?
Is safety relief valve installed on the pressure vessel?
Is the pressure gauge periodically calibrated?
Is calibration record kept?
Are records of hydrostatic pressure test kept?

i. Laboratory

Are all chemical reagents and gases appropriately labeled?
Is MSDS available for each chemical and reagent?
Is fume hood installed?

j. Personal Protective Equipments

Is personal protective equipment (PPE) provided and free of charge?
Is provided PPE effective, comfortable and well fitting?
Is PPE condition regularly checked and monitored?
Is damage PPE immediately replaced?
Is area that requires PPE wearing clearly described?
Is PPE implemented based on hazards assessment results?
Is PPE selection, implementation and maintenance procedure established?
Are eye washers and body showers stations clean, functional and accessible?
Is PPE training provided?

k. First Aid

Is a first aid box provided at every workplace and easily accessible?
Is the first aid box content complete and regularly checked?
Is the usage of its content recorded?
Is there a clear sign for the first aid box?

l. Fire Precautions

Are there enough fire precaution signs through out the plant site?
Are storage of flammable materials separated?
Are sources of ignition far enough from these flammable materials storage?
Are flammable material tanks surrounded by adequate dike?
Are cigarettes and matches disposed separately from other rubbish?
Is hazardous area clearly defined?
Are equipments and machinery specifications appropriate to be located at the hazardous area?
Are fire alarms and smoke detectors function well and regularly checked and maintained?
Is fire pump regularly tested run and maintained?
Are fire hydrants availability and coverage area adequate for the plant site?
Are fire hydrants accessories regularly checked and maintained?
Are fire extinguishers properly placed and protected?
Are fire extinguisher types suitable?
Are fire extinguisher weights periodically checked and maintained?
Is fire fighting team determined?
Is fire drill carried out periodically each year?
Has fire pump a driver backup system?
Is map of fire extinguishers and fire hydrant available?

m. Emergency Response

Does the plant site have an Emergency Response Procedure (ERP)?
Has everyone in the plant site been trained about ERP?
Is ERP training carried out periodically?
Are emergency response teams determined?
Can exit and evacuation routes signs be easily readable?

n. Trips, Slips and Falls

Are drains and ditches covers good and installed?
Are ladders, guardrails, steps and lift regularly checked?
Are floor openings and open sides protected by guardrails?

o. Forklift

Is all forklift operators licensed?
Are forklift accessories (brake, horn, controls and backup alarm) functions properly?
Is forklift seat belt available?
Is forklift capacity chart available on the forklift?
Are forklift traffic routes established and marked?

I believe the above list is opened to be expanded and it depends mainly on uniqueness of each plant site. This post is mainly devoted for brainstorming and leading you to make a complete checklist.

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