A Must Have List of Safety Inspection Checklist

Safety inspection is a regular safety job that is purposed to ensure that equipments, tools, work conditions, work area, plant facilities and so on have already met minimum safety requirements. It is carried out in order to detect any safety deficiencies as early as possible so that accident can be avoided.

Successful safety inspection requires reliable tool that’s a checklist. Safety inspection checklist lists up inspection items that need to be conformed. Such checklist is main reference for safety inspection job. With it, safety inspection will obtain consistent results.

Generally, safety inspection checklist can be obtained from equipment manuals, operation manuals, safety standards, expert advises and experiences. Ideally, you have all the required checklists. However, some of you may not know what kinds of safety inspection checklists are required in your plant site.

If you are unsure whether you have already had such necessary checklist or not, or need to know what kind of checklists you need to add, so keep reading this article. I will list up a must have list of safety inspection checklists.

40 Safety Inspection Checklists You Must Have

Every plant will require different safety inspection checklists. It will depend on plant complexity, types of equipments used, processes, hazard level and many other factors.

And here are the items that you must provide safety inspection checklist for each of them:

  1. Forklift pre-use checklist
  2. Fire extinguishers inspection
  3. Hydrostatic safety
  4. Confined space pre-entry checklist
  5. Safety permit pre-approval checklist
  6. Personal Protective Equipment
  7. Foam mobile unit
  8. Fire fighting facility
  9. Pre-welding or hot work
  10. Safety training
  11. Work process
  12. Fire emergency
  13. Means of exit
  14. Lighting
  15. Machine guard
  16. Electrical
  17. Tools and machine
  18. Hazard symbol and label
  19. Confined space
  20. Floor and wall opening
  21. Elevating devices
  22. Sound level or noise
  23. First aid
  24. Housekeeping
  25. Material handling and storage
  26. Ladders and scaffolding
  27. Temporary work structures
  28. Loading and unloading
  29. Building and foundation
  30. Compressed gad cylinder
  31. Pressure vessel
  32. Lockout and tagout
  33. Piping identification
  34. Stairs and stairway
  35. Walkways
  36. Smoke detectors and fire alarm
  37. Environment control
  38. Hoist and cranes
  39. Chain blocks
  40. Gas detectors

Expanding the Lists is Better

The above list may not enough for some plants. Of course it will vary as I said before. And I just want to emphasize that don’t stop providing other safety inspection checklist. Expanding the lists is better, much better.

Ultimately, by having complete lists of safety inspection checklist you will have full control against all of safety aspects in the plant site.

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