An Introduction to A 5-Minutes Safety Talk

free-safety-talks According to, safety talk is a hands-on way to remind workers that health and safety are important on the job. While describes safety talk as a brief meeting held on regular basis with workers and their supervisors to discuss problems and concerns about health and safety. Principally, safety talk deals with specific topic, subject and problem which are health and safety related in the workplace.

The objectives of a safety talk are to remind workers about potential hazards in their workplaces and help workers to recognize and control these hazards.

Safety talks are best delivered by people who are responsible for workers’ safety and health. They may be supervisors, health and safety officers, members of safety committee or anyone with health and safety duties. Even in some companies every worker is scheduled to give safety talk, in order to maintain safety awareness among them.

So what kind of message should we deliver during safety talk? Are there any standard messages? Basically there are no standard safety talk messages. As long as we choose a specific topic, subject or problem which relate to health and safety in the workplace, it will be enough. But the important point is safety talk message has to be well prepared, because it should be finished in about 5 minutes. Please check this page for safety talk example.

Now it is the time to set up safety talk schedule. We can perform it once a week, three times a week or once a day. It merely depends on company’s OHS policy, job risks, workplace conditions and worker’s skills.

Choose most appropriate location where we will do safety talk. Wherever possible, choose the real workplace, or at least as close as possible to the real workplace. For instance, if we would like to perform safety talk about confined space work hazards, do it at a tank, at an opened reactor column or near a vessel.

If possible use real tools, equipments, materials (for example chemicals), procedures and work conditions to demonstrate key points of the safety talk we are talking about, and to make it is easy to be understood.

Don’t forget to make a safety talk record. Record the date, location, leader, attendants and the topic. Make sure that all attendants have signed on the attendant list. Also make a copy of the safety talk material and keep it together with the records for future reference.

Finally, I would like to stress that although safety talks only take 5 minutes to finish, but it helps employers and workers to remind importance of health and safety, recognize and control hazards, and keeps workers awareness alive. Remember, there are much potential hazards inside chemical plant.

Where to Find Free Printable Safety Signs

free-printable-safety-signsIt usually takes time to design safety sign for our own use. Even if we don’t know what content of safety sign we should write and the standard design, it requires longer time to design. Free printable safety signs will be very helpful.

Actually, there are many sources of free printable safety signs available. Those safety signs can be downloaded. Some safety signs are free to be customized.

Well, now let’s see the free sources of safety signs where we can find printable and downloadable safety signs. They provide OSHA-standard safety signs from numbers of categories such as OSHA Warning Sign, OSHA Notice Sign, OSHA Caution Sign, OSHA Danger Sign, and OSHA Quality Control

  1. offers you to create your own safety sign, customized it and print it out. Or you can customize the existing safety signs.
  2. offers you the ability to print out OSHA safety signs. Just browse printable OSHA safety signs and print them out.
  3. lets you print free OSHA safety and heath related signs. Safety sign categories available: OSHA warning, OSHA Caution, OSHA Danger, OSHA Notice, OSHA Quality Control.
  4. offers lots of free printable safety signs.

Almost all of the safety signs are in PDF format. If you would like to make any editing to the PDF files, you should convert them into editable file format like Ms Word. To convert PDF format to Ms Word you can do it here.

Another thing that we shall consider in designing safety signs is applicable local regulatory in your country. This is important because it affects your company’s regulatory compliance status.

40 Free Safety Slogans for the Workplaces

Safety promotion or socialization is an effective way to maintain workers awareness in the plant site against safety. Safety promotion is a form of safety communications.

One of the most common ways is by utilization of safety slogan. People may also call it by safety sayings, safety quotes or safety motto. Whatever it is called, the main purpose is the same, namely how to use effective words to remind workers about safety in their workplaces.

When choosing safety slogans, we need to consider its relevancy to the workplace hazards, using positive words, to be specific, easy to understand, clear and to the point. We can brainstorm to make safety slogans for the workplace in plant site by just looking around it. See what are the conditions and behavior.

We could also make safety slogans that are suitable to be placed at any workplace around the plant site. For instance, safety slogans likes “safety first”. To help us preparing our own safety slogans, the 40 free safety slogans below may give you idea to start with.

1. Safety is no accident.
2. Think before you act.
3. Safety is forever.
4. Never forget about safety.
5. Safety means zero accident.
6. Keep no accident record.
7. Remember safety! You family is waiting for you at home.
8. Safety is our first priority.
9. No safety, no business.
10. Stop accidents before they stop you.
11. Come safely, work safely and arrive home safely.
12. Work safely means success.
13. Keep safety at the first step.
14. Make your workplace safe and comport.
15. Safety is our concern.
16. With safety, we win.
17. The safe way is the only way.
18. Get smart! Use safety from the start.
19. Be safety minded.
20. Your work and safety can not be separated.
21. Safety is the biggest investment.
22. Learn from others mistakes; don’t have others learn from you.
23. Safety is a must.
24. Work safely today and everyday.
25. Always talks about safety before you start working.
26. Do it safely.
27. Think safety before you work.
28. You can’t get home unless you’re safe.
29. Ignoring a warning can cause much mourning.
30. Remember unprepared means unsafe.
31. Safety is the first gate to success.
32. Safe workers are smooth workers.
33. Safety is our main concern.
34. Always think safety before you work.
35. Working without safety means failure.
36. Follow the procedures, keep safety in mind.
37. Save tomorrow. Act safely today.
38. Safety is a journey.
39. Yes! Safety is our business.
40. Safety is the best way to work.

If you think you can’t find appropriate safety slogans for your workplace from the list above, then go to the workplace and look around it. It could give you many ideas. Just write it down on a paper when it comes to your mind. Write as many safety slogans as can. Apply them at the right place in your workplace to make people could see them easily.

15 Reasons Why Chemical Plant Safety is Important?

why-safety-importantchemical plant potentially suffering from illness, injuries even death.

In fact, chemical plants are full of potential hazards and could cause accidents and disasters if they are not treated properly. Hazards may come from hazardous chemicals, electrical, high temperature, high pressure, unsafe acts and conditions, work at elevated area, etc. Hence, safety in a chemical plant holds an important role.

There may be hundreds of reason why safety in chemical plant is vitally important. And the list below is only a part of them. Indeed, I intend to remind about importance of safety and why we have to make safety become the first consideration in mind.

  1. Safety protects workers, employers and all people in the plant including strangers from illness, injuries or death.
  2. Ensuring survival of company’s business.
  3. It prevents company’s property and facility from damage.
  4. It enhances company’s reputation.
  5. It teaches people in the plant how to work safely.
  6. It helps company to achieve its targets and objective.
  7. Keeping company away from law suits and penalties.
  8. It keeps workers to feel comport, happy and safe.
  9. Company will be avoided from unnecessary cost.
  10. It keeps workers awareness alive.
  11. Safety teaches everyone in the plant to pay attention to their workplaces and surrounding.
  12. It keeps customer’s confidence to do business with the company.
  13. Safety program is a cost-effective decision for the company.
  14. Safety is able to reduce employee’s turn over and increase productivity.
  15. Safety can prevent production process interruption and shut down.

I do understand that the list is too short to show you how important safety is. Your feedback and comment will add value to the list. Please leave them in the comment form and I am willing to revise the list accordingly.It is no doubt that workers who are working in

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