Welding On Flammable Liquid Tank

Grinding, Brazing and welding are sources of ignition and spark. Adequate fire safety precautions have to be given when a work that involves them will be conducted.

The video below will show you what will happen when inadequate fire precautions are not given to a hot work. Take notes from this video, and then improve your current work permit system to avoid similar accident. Read the rest of this entry »

The Important of Pump Shut-Off System

The plant incident involving hazardous chemical, fuming sulfuric acid (oleum), which occurred in October 2008, has shown how important a pump shut-off system. According to Chemical Safety Board report released this month, Indspec Chemical Corporation was faulted due to failure to provide a shut off system for transfer pump. Read the rest of this entry »

Free Sources of MSDS Download

We have to provide MSDS for all hazardous chemicals inside the plant sites. The MSDS is published by the manufacturers and or distribute through distributors. However, in actual operation sometimes it is hard to get the MSDS and even some of chemicals which we use coming without MSDS. In this case, we have to seek MSDS for those chemicals by ourselves.

One thing that we should consider is we should get the material safety data sheet with chemical composition exactly same with the chemicals we use or at least has close chemical ingredients.   Read the rest of this entry »

Lawsuit Loans For Industrial Accident Cases

Last month Karen Cossalter, wife of one of men who died in industrial accident at the Lakehead Blacktop & Materials Inc. landfill in the village of Superior on November 1, 2007, filed the second lawsuit in Douglas County Court.

According to dglobe.com that complaint accuses J. Kimmes Construction of one count of negligence and one count of safe place violation for failing to provide a safe workplace, adequate supervision, proper maintenance and adequate safety measures at the landfill. Read the rest of this entry »

Chemical Plant Accident Record in September 2009

plant-accident-recordBelow here is some accidents news that I read in September 2009. It is my strong intention to post about this to provide you with real safety problems and then you could extract some important points from these news in order to improve your workplace safety.

18 Dead Caused by Chemical Unloading Explosion in China

Chemical Fire at Fuel Storage Facility in US Read the rest of this entry »

Inadequate Safety Precaution Causes Fire Accident

Fire accident that occurred at Imperial Sugar Company Plant last year left several important safety messages for us. The company was failed to put adequate precautions against combustible sugar dust hazard, as reported by Chemical Safety Board (CSB) recently. CSB said that the fire accident was entirely preventable as published in nyt.

According to CSB report, the explosion was triggered by the following causes: Read the rest of this entry »

Taking Notes from T2 Plant Explosion

t2-plant-explosionA runaway reaction that caused explosion at T2 plant on 19 December 2007 had caused four persons died. Cooling pipe blockage or failed valve probably caused the temperature and pressure inside the batch reactor to become uncontrolled and the relief system could not work to save the system.

I am very interested to what Robert Hall, CSB investigation supervisor, said about T2 plant accident as reported by tce recently. It directly deals with how hazard identification or HAZOP study holds a vital role in recognizing uncontrolled reaction risk since process designing phase. Read the rest of this entry »

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