Gasoline MSDS

My own story below will show you why many companies do not have gasoline MSDS, whereas in fact gasoline is extremely flammable liquid that will easily be ignited when there is an ignition source.

Beside gasoline is an extremely flammable liquid, it could also affect workers’ health due to gasoline contains other chemicals, such as benzene, toluene and certain quantities of chemical additives. Benzene is carcinogenic chemical.

Here is the story…

I remembered when OHSAS 18001 auditor asked me about Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of all chemicals that are inside the plant site. Then, the auditor asked,” Have you included all MSDS of the chemicals into this MSDS file?” “Of course, I do!” I replied.

The auditor continued, “In fact, you store gasoline can near that engine generator and there are two ignition sources near the gasoline. It is very dangerous. Do you have gasoline MSDS? Have you read it?” he asked. I could not reply his last question at all…he was right…

I hope that short story could remind you about the potential hazards of gasoline, although you may think that you only store 20 liters of gasoline in your workplace. And I recommend you to download gasoline MSDS from the links below. Then save the gasoline MSDS into your MSDS file.

Gasoline MSDS-1
Gasoline MSDS-2

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