Zinc Oxide MSDS

In the following article you can download zinc oxide MSDS or ZnO MSDS directly to your computer.

Zinc oxide is a non flammable material that is commonly used in the manufacturing of rubber, ceramics, cement, paints, glasses, pigments, fire retardant, sealants, etc. These applications utilize the oxide reactivity of zinc oxide.

However, according to zinc oxide MSDS, zinc oxide have several potential health effects such as upper respiratory tract irritation, coughing, chills, fever, nausea, vomiting and sub-sternal pain. In case of chronic over exposures, it could cause skin-eruptions in axilla, inner thigh, inner arm, pubic areas and scrotum.

Here are the links of zinc oxide MSDS that can be downloaded.

Zinc Oxide MSDS-1

Zinc Oxide MSDS-2

Zinc Oxide MSDS-3

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