Nitric Acid MSDS

In this post, I would like to present one of the most essential and dangerous chemical, namely nitric acid. I mean that we have to provide nitric acid MSDS for the workplace and understand it thoroughly. The purpose is to utilize nitric acid optimally without risk.

Nitric acid is one of the most important acids that are commonly used in chemical plants. One of its common usages is as chemical cleaning agent for stainless steel pipes and tanks. For instance, a storage tank for hydrogen peroxide has to be chemical cleaned by nitric acid.

Nitric acid with chemical formula HNO3 is clear to yellow liquid. It causes skin and eye burns, severe respiratory tract irritation as well as digestive tract irritation. You can completely read the potential health effects of nitric acid from nitric acid MSDS.

Here are some nitric acid MSDS taken from several websites.

Nitric Acid MSDS 50-70%
Nitric Acid MSDS >70%

Nitric Acid MSDS 10%

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