How to Find Information in MSDS in Minutes

how-to-read-msdsMSDS or Material Safety Data Sheet is a form of hazard controls. It is devoted to control chemical-related hazards. MSDS is classified into administrative control in hazard control hierarchy. Each hazardous chemical shall be completed with its MSDS.

MSDS is divided into several sections. MSDS contents may differ slightly from one organization to another organization. But they must contain the same basic information. They include hazardous chemical ingredients, health effect, exposure limit, physical and chemical properties and special control methods.

To find out information we require in MSDS, refer to the following section for quick reference.

Section I: Product Identification

This section is also called by material identification. It describes about product name, trade name, synonym, chemical formula, manufacturer name and emergency phone number.

Section II: Hazardous Ingredients

Sometimes this section is also called by identity information. All hazardous chemical components in the product shall be mentioned in percentage value. Chemicals that are included in this section shall cover at least 1% or 0.1% for cancer-causing materials.

Section III: Physical and Chemical Properties

In this section, some important physical and chemical properties of the product are described, such like boiling point, vapor pressure, vapor density, appearance, odor, specific gravity, evaporation rate, melting point and solubility.

Section IV: Fire and Explosion Hazard Data

This section contains information related to fire and explosion hazard data of the product. The data will be about flash point, extinguishing media, fire fighting procedures and unusual fire and explosion hazards.

Section V: Stability and Reactivity Data

This section explains chemicals and materials that are not compatible with the product. It means that the product will react with these chemicals and materials, and produce dangerous substances. It suggests what packaging materials are suitable. Besides, it describes the product stability and storage conditions that needs to be avoided.

Section VI: Health Hazard Data

Health effects of the product are described in this section, along with possible ways that the product will enter the body. It may come through inhalation, ingestion or contact with eyes or skins. Target organs (liver, kidneys, nervous system, respiratory system, etc) information should be provided in this section too, including their symptoms of exposure and how to give first aid procedure.

Section VII: Precautions for Safe Handling and Use

Safety measures for spills and leaks are explained here, as well as required proper equipments for handling spills and leaks. Precautions for handling, storing and waste disposal guidance are also given in this section.

Section VIII: Control Measures

Hazard controls that are devoted for eliminating and reducing chemical hazards are presented in this section. Hazard controls may also come as engineering control, administrative control or wearing proper personal protective equipment.

By now we should be able to find out from the MSDS just in minutes. Use the above section name to get the information.

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