Free Sources of MSDS Download

We have to provide MSDS for all hazardous chemicals inside the plant sites. The MSDS is published by the manufacturers and or distribute through distributors. However, in actual operation sometimes it is hard to get the MSDS and even some of chemicals which we use coming without MSDS. In this case, we have to seek MSDS for those chemicals by ourselves.

One thing that we should consider is we should get the material safety data sheet with chemical composition exactly same with the chemicals we use or at least has close chemical ingredients.  

Here are 5 free sources of MSDS on the internet. Don’t forget to bookmark them for your future references.

Ilpi: The biggest MSDS source online

OK State: Online MSDS library MSDS search site by company name, product name or CAS number.

uottawa: Provides online MSDS database. Direct search of MSDS by product name, ingredient name, manufacturer and CAS number.

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