Carbon Tetrachloride MSDS

carbon tetrachloride msdsCarbon tetrachloride or tetrachloromethane, which is widely known as Freon 10 and halon 104, is a colorless liquid with ether like smell. Carbon tetrachloride, with chemical formula CCl4, is a toxic chemical and harmful to human’s health.

Carbon tetrachloride was widely used as solvent in laboratory, precursor for refrigerant and fire extinguisher agent. But due to its environmental problem and health effect, its used has been greatly reduced.

However, if you are still using carbon tetrachloride, you need to know exactly its MSDS in order to know the harmful effect to human’s health and the environment. Below are some links to carbon tetrachloride MSDS. I hope they could provide you important information.

Carbon tetrachloride MSDS-1
Carbon tetrachloride MSDS-2
Carbon tetrachloride MSDS-3
Carbon tetrachloride MSDS-4

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