Top 13 Reasons Why We Need to Update Hazard Identification

hazard-identification-updateThere are many reasons why hazard identification has to be updated. Ideally, hazard identification or hazard recognition is done before unwanted events such as injury and illness health occurs, because there is still enough time to improve the hazard control.

Here are some reasons why we need to update hazard identification list.

  1. Because we have mentioned updating period in the hazard identification procedure. This is a regular updates. It is the time to evaluate if we had missed a hazard to be identified during the previous hazard identification period.
  2. A new job, task or activity is introduced.
  3. The existing process conditions will be changed.
  4. Current standard operating procedures need to be altered.
  5. We plan to modify plant facility or plant layout.
  6. A new equipment or machine will be installed in the plant site.
  7. When new safety equipment is introduced.
  8. Chemical, catalyst or fuel replacement.
  9. When a new product will be produced.
  10. Plant expansion project is scheduled.
  11. After an incident or accident occurrence.
  12. When a neighbor plant will be built near our chemical plant. It is especially associated with emergency condition, such fire accident or explosion.
  13. As a result of safety audit, safety inspection, safety patrol or self-inspection system.

To make an update, follow my previous post about hazard identification/recognition method. Hazard identification update has to be implemented in the whole workplace area in the plant site. Don’t forget to include contractors and visitor activities in the plant site, non-routine jobs and hazards caused by human factors when we are going to do hazard identification.

Always bear in mind that we have to be a step ahead from the potential hazard and immediately set up appropriate hazard control to manage the risks. Hazard identification is an ongoing process.

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