Learn From OSHA Plant Inspection Results

A few days ago, another company has been cited for safety and health violations after being inspected by OSHA that started in August 2009. The company is C&W Industries in Union Springs, Alabama, which provides material handling systems.

According to ohsonline.com, there were some safety and health violations that were found during OSHA inspection. These violations caused the company to be cited for $59,250 of penalties.

Then, what lessons can we get from that OSHA inspection results? The results may not be completely same with our cases, but essentially we will take the main idea of each finding. It is possible that our safety problem may be worst than the company. That’s why we need to evaluate our own workplace safety continuously.

Reading other company’s safety problems is a way of the hazard identification methods. Remember, hazard identification is an on going process and shall always be updated through any possible means.

Now, take a look at the OSHA inspection results on the cited company. After reading these findings, evaluate your safety systems accordingly and improve them.

1. Unguarded machine that exposed workers to amputation hazards.
2. Insufficient training.
3. Insufficient certification for forklift operator.
4. Deficiencies in plant’s fire prevention system.
5. Failed to implement lockout/tagout procedure.
6. Struck by hazard while operating overhead hoist and cranes.
7. Workers were exposed to tripping and slipping hazards.
8. Failing to offer the Hepatitis B vaccination.
9. Failing to give first aid training.
10. Bad machine clean up program.
11. Failing to complete incident reports.
12. Failing to maintain OSHA 300 logs correctly, prepare annual injury and illness summaries, and develop and implement a Hazard Communication Program for hazardous chemicals, materials, and respiratory protection

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