Hazards in Laboratory

laboratory-hazards As I mentioned in the previous post, hazards identification or recognition is the keyword to successful hazards control in laboratory. A list of laboratory hazards is provided below here. Again the list is only for brainstorming. Later you should complete the list based on your own laboratory survey results.

In general, these hazards are classified into two broad categories, i.e. physical and chemical hazards.

Physical hazards:
Electric current
Slips, trips and falls
Extreme temperature (hot and cold)
Poor ventilation
Inadequate lighting level
Mechanical vibration
Oxygen deficiency
Falling object (ex. gas cylinder)
Air humidity
Sharp objects

Chemical hazards:
Chemical hazards are associated with storage, handling and usage of hazardous chemicals in the laboratory. The hazards may include splash, spill, ingestion, inhale, skin contact, eyes contact, etc.

If the hazard identification has been provided, try to make it always up to date.

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